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La Jolla Blue Book presents our latest “Quiet on the Set” video featuring Zeytounian Oriental Rug Cleaner.

Since 1956, Zeytounian Oriental Rug Cleaning has been La Jolla and San Diego’s premier Oriental rug cleaning and repair specialist.

Owner and operator, Nicolas Zeytounian, is a fifth generation rug restoration expert with over fifty years of knowledge and expertise. This generational trade started with his great grandfather who in the 1890’s had almost a hundred workers creating fine rugs in Lebanon. Today, Nicolas Zeytounian’s vast knowledge of fine rugs make him The “professor” of fine oriental rugs.

Zeytonian Rugs hand cleans your rugs the old fashion way. First, they vacuum the rug upside down, then it is washed front to back with soap and water, followed by a thorough rinse and finally hung indoors to dry. After it’s dry the pile is brushed, vacuumed, rolled and packed with care ready for pick up or delivery. Every rug is unique and the technique may vary but you can be sure that they will care for your rug with care and respect.

Have a damaged rug? Take it to the experts at Zeytonian Rug. Their experts work on restoration of fine rugs such as Persian, Chinese, karastan, Navajo, and many more. Pick-up and delivery is available Monday through Saturday for your convenience, please call for service area.

For more information, please visit Zeytounian Oriental Rug Cleaner or contact them at,


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