Women Rule on Upper Girard

Women Rule on Upper Girard

Did you know that fifteen out of twenty-two businesses in upper Girard are owned and operated by women? This is a recent discovery made by fellow business owner, Elizabeth Allen from Elizabeth Allen Atelier on upper Girard. She thought that this was rather interesting and decided that in an effort to draw attention to this end of the avenue, as well as celebrate these female entrepreneurs and women in general, to organize “women rule on upper Girard”!

Bibi Kasrai

Bibi Kasrai

Thirteen participating businesses will offer female shoppers a “treat” (discounts, raffle tickets, freebies!). One of the participating businesses is the Harvard Cookin’ Girl, which offers cooking classes for all ages and palettes. Owner and founder, Bibi Kasrai, started her business out of her home garage in 2009. Kasrai began her business as an after school enrichment curriculum program for school children. Kasrai successfully connected with the children by introducing them to fun and healthy meals. Her creative and fun way of teaching appealed to kids and parents alike which helped grow her business.

Kasrai’s success and growing demand allowed her to open up her current store-front on upper Girard in 2010. Kasrai recalls that back then, uppper Girad was a “ghost town”. But over the last couple of years she has seen it turn around with new businesses opening up and seeing more shoppers on her end of the street. This change can be attributed to the many female entrepreneurs that have opened up their businesses on upper Girard.

Harvard Cookin’ Girl also offers corporate cookery, birthday events, and fun camps year-round. Some of their popular cooking events include Iron Chef, Spontaneous Monday and Ethnic Foods cooking. Check out their Summer Camp series which starts June 17th and runs thru August 23rd for children between the ages of 4-13. Stop by the Harvard Cookin’ Girl during the “Women Rule on Upper Girard” event on May 11th for free cookies and enter their raffle for a chance to attend an iron chef competition!

Find yourself at upper Girard for this special event on Saturday, May 11th from 12pm to 5pm on upper Girard Avenue in La Jolla.

For a complete list of participating businesses, including discounts and special offers please visit, Upper Girard Shopping Event Participating Businesses.

For more information about this event please contact, Elizabeth Allen at elizabeth@elizabethallen.com

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