Woholle Juice Box To Open At La Jolla Shores

everyday california woholle juice box***UPDATE: Woholle Juice is NOW OPEN at 2261 Avenida de la Playa in La Jolla***

[Image by: J.Dixx Photography; left to right, Michael Samer and Christopher Lynch, co-founders, managing partners.]

La Jolla Shores is welcoming a brand-new resident! The owners of Everyday California, a La Jolla-based lifestyle company offering ocean adventures and California-sourced apparel, have created a new concept: Woholle Juice Box, which will join Brick and Bell and Galaxy Taco as a newcomer at the Shores.  Blue Book caught up with co-founder Christopher Lynch, who was just recently included in Pacific San Diego Magazine’s “30(ish) under 30(ish)” roundup of San Diego entrepreneurs, and got the scoop on what to look forward to with the opening of La Jolla’s newest juice bar.

Blue Book: What prompted you to start a juice bar, of all things?

Christopher Lynch: Well, the vision behind Everyday California is to live life to the fullest, every day. “Woholle” is actually the Native American word for La Jolla, and we think that opening a juice bar with that name is a great way to further spread Everyday California’s mission to live the California lifestyle daily.

Blue Book: What is the menu like? Is it primarily juice drinks, or are there other items that we can look forward to tasting?

Christopher Lynch: In regards to our menu, we collaborated with Holistic Nutrition Consultant Torie Borrelli, who also runs a nutrition blog called Skinny Fat Kids. She has worked with us to put together a menu of juices, smoothies, health shots, and bites to eat that are healthy and delicious. In addition, we’ve partnered with local farms that grow high-quality, organic ingredients that will make our menu the best it can be.

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Blue Book: How do you plan to incorporate the vision behind Everyday California into Woholle Juice Bar?

Christopher Lynch: For one, we know that part of the California lifestyle is eating healthy, and we want to cater to that aspect. Additionally, we really want to meet the expectations that La Jolla locals have: getting products that are made from ingredients of the highest quality. To us, being able to give the best to our customers is part of living life to the fullest–and we know they’ll be living life to the fullest when they stop by.

It will be located at 2261 Avenida de la Playa.

[Image courtesy of J.Dixx Photography]


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