Where Everyone Knows Your Name – Small Town Charm with Big City Class, Now That’s La Jolla In a Nutshell

Sure, La Jolla is known for its world-class hotels, restaurants, shopping, art galleries, views and of course beaches. And the local residential and business community of La Jolla is very proud of the community’s reputation and world-wide stature.

But ask anyone who lives in La Jolla (“La Jollans”), and what you’ll likely find is that the thing that makes living in La Jolla special is that just like in Cheers, La Jolla has local community-oriented businesses where everyone knows your name.

Harry’s Coffee Shop

Whaling Bar at La Valencia

Meanley’s Hardware

Adelaide’s Florists

Warwick’s Books

These businesses and many others in La Jolla could be located in any mid-western small-town community in the country but they just happen to be located in one of the most beautiful and luxurious beach communities in the entire world.

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