Welcome to 2018! Achieve Your Cycling Goals with California Bicycle!

The following is from our friends at California Bicycle. We hope you can join them for some great rides!

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California Bicycle Store Rides are Back! For 2018 we will be rotating from 4 routes with increasing speed and elevation as the month progresses. Not to fear, all of our rides will be a no drop policy. The idea is to build fitness, confidence and comradery over a 4 week build period and help you achieve your 2018 cycling goals!

Rides will be lead by our wonderful team of ambassadors who will be there to guide you. Helmets are required and we highly recommend lights front and rear. Riders of all abilities are welcome.

The first ride of the month (this Saturday) will head to Harbor and Shelter Island. This route is very flat and will is perfect for anyone trying to ease back into cycling. Pace is social, views are amazing, times are good! Check out the route here: Strava Route

For the second Saturday we will do our well known ride to Cabrillo Monument. After and nice jaunt over the park entrance we will regroup and decide if we want to do ride down to the tide pools for a couple extra miles and a bit more elevation. Check out the route here: Strava Route

The third Saturday will go around Mission Bay and head up towards UCSD before dropping back down to La Jolla. We will ride at a casual pace over to Fiesta Island were we will regroup and do a hot lap around the island and regroup at the end. We will keep riding around the bay to Rose Canyon bike path. We can climb Gilman Avenue at a more spirited pace and ride back to La Jolla at a more casual pace. Check out the route here: Strava Route

Our Soledad and Torrey Pines route will be the last route of the month. This route has the most elevation with just over 2000ft over 28 miles. We start out by riding down La Jolla Blvd and hit the first climb up La Jolla Mesa as a good warm up. After riding around the campus we ride down to Torrey Pines. Once at the bottom we will turn around and right back up. You have the option of riding the inside (steeper) or the outside (longer) and we regroup at the top before heading back to the store. Check out the route here: Strava Route

Interested in being a cycling advocate? What inspires you to ride a bike? Want to promote bicycling as a way of life? Looking to train with individuals who will take you to the next level? Join our California Bicycle Squad! We are a group of like minded cyclist from commuters, mountain bikers, road cyclist and top level racers who want to make cycling accessible for all. Please stop by or send inquiries to info@calbike.com.

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