This Weekend’s WoW Theatre Arts Event will WOW you!

If you are a casualty of the Miramar Air Show’s government shutdown, do not fret! The La Jolla Playhouse is hosting a spectacular event this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You must check out the Without Walls Festival, a collaboration of theater groups from San Diego and around the world.


Live art by the food trucks, live music in the beer garden, live performances on the lawn and more fun activities are scattered across the south-end of UCSD’s campus in between Revelle and Muir.

As a project four years in the making, this event has been highly anticipated by the performing arts community. Assistant Director of Development at the Playhouse, Jill Kelly, could not be more excited about the festival’s role in the community.

“We are learning as we go. That’s what Irvine challenged us to do” Kelly said, referring to the Irvine Foundation’s grant which initiated the WoW project.


We Built This City is an exhibit for kids and all ages who enjoying playing with cardboard boxes. Costume performers dressed up as builders are from the Australian Polygot Theater group. With a live DJ and thousands of boxes to build tunnels and houses, participants can let their imaginations run wild in this playground. According to one of the builders nicknamed Crog, the philosophy of the interactive art is to let the kids have control of the place.

“The builders are just here to give fines to kids for their buildings not being up to code,” Crog the builder joked. As a puppeteer by career and hobby, he enjoys giving children challenges and watching them build and destroy their boxed creations as often as they desire for their $5 admission.

Every night of the festival at 7pm there will be a performance of Our Town. The piece is three acts long and each act is performed in a different location out and around the Forum Theatre. Its performance is full of music, singing, audience participation and video projection all integrated into a classic story about “who you are and why you are on this planet” said the production manager for the festival, Mark Stubblefield.


Another original performance not to be missed is called Platonov or the Disinherited. It is a live-action cinematic experience. While the audience can see most of the live action taking place in the front of the staged rooms, the action is also being filmed by a camera crew. This video is projected on a large screen for the audience. Thursday’s nights performance truly was a unique display of dramatic acting and cinematic art all taking place for a live audience on Galbraith lawn. It will be preformed every night at 8:30pm.

Don’t miss any of the sights and sounds in La Jolla’s teeming theater district this weekend. Maps of the grounds and timetables for all activities are available on the La Jolla Playhouse website and onsite at the box-office.

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