Now is the Ideal Time to Upgrade in the La Jolla Real Estate Market

In the current real estate market, many homeowners are considering upgrading into a larger home. The low mortgage rates and reasonably priced homes in La Jolla real estate, are enticing homeowners to take advantage of this exciting buyer’s market.

While it may be a good time to buy in La Jolla, there is much to be considered before deciding to upgrade. The first factor of upgrading in La Jolla real estate is whether or not it will be affordable. Start by first looking for real estate in La Jolla that is priced one level up from the value of your current home. You do not want to over extend yourself in an upgrade. Next, determine whether or not you must close the sale of your current home before upgrading to another. This will help you establish a time frame to work with, as well as the price range you can afford.  Another consideration will be expenses that go along with an upgrade, such as additional maintenance costs and utility costs for a larger home.

If you are upgrading and have children, the school district is also an important factor in the decision of where your new home will be located. From preschool to college level, we have some of the highest rated private and public schools in La Jolla.

Once you have determined that an upgrade is the appropriate choice for you and your family, it is time to select the right La Jolla real estate agent. La Jolla is its own unique real estate market and it is essential to seek out the advice of an agent who specializes in buying and selling real estate in La Jolla.

Whether a baby is one the way, your parents have moved in or you have simply out grown your first home purchase, now is the ideal time to upgrade in the La Jolla real estate market.

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