Faith-Based Organizations in La Jolla

Photo Credit: Flickr Matthew E CohenSan Diego’s Jewel City is not only known for its beachside beauty and sunny climate, but also for the diverse religious option available to locals and tourists alike. There are over ten religious centers in the small village of La Jolla and all are open to those looking to explore their spiritual options. If you’re interested in knowing more about the religions practiced in La Jolla, here’s a quick and basic break down of denominations, but also be sure to check out our complete listing of La Jolla religious organizations.


The basic beliefs of Catholicism, or the tenets, are covered in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Those who practice the Catholic faith believe in the holy trinity: God as the father, Son and Holy Spirit. They believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose on the third day. The main figure head and leader of the Catholic Church is The Pope and believers must combine faith with good works to remain in God’s favor.

Mary Star of the Sea and All Hallows Catholic Church are two places to attend a mass and explore this faith in La Jolla.


The Christian faith is very similar to Catholicism except that the term “Christianity” covers a wide range of similar faiths. Like Catholics, Christians believe in the trinity, the resurrection and in the apocalypse or Judgment Day. Both faiths believe that baptisms and claiming Jesus as your savior grants admittance into heaven; however, Christians believe that salvation is granted on faith alone and is not tied to works or deeds.

Christianity breaks off into many other denominations such as Protestant, Presbyterian, Lutheran and Methodist. If you are looking for more information on Christian theology, click here to find the local La Jolla churches that are available to you! You can give La Jolla Christian Fellowship or La Jolla Lutheran Church a try.


The Episcopal Church combines practices from Catholicism and Christianity and falls under the worldwide Anglican Communion. Anglican and Episcopal churches are organized into diocese and are led by bishops. Stop in to Saint James By-the-Sea Episcopal Church to learn more about the La Jolla Episcopalian community.


Most of the Jewish population believes that there is only one God and each individual’s relationship to God can be unique and different. The Torah, which contains the 10 commandments and the 613 mitzvot, serves as the most important text with this religion. Different branches of Judaism differ, but many practice the return of the Messiah and honor Israel as the Chosen Land.

Want to visit a local synagogue? Head to Congregation Adat Yeshurun or Congregation Beth Israel.


Those who practice Mormonism adhere to the Book or Mormon, written by John Smith Jr., and are part of the Latter Day Saints Movement. Latter Day Saints do not believe in the Trinity, but their texts claim that God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all three separate beings. Mormonism involves the practice of ordinances to connect to God and most believe the main goal in this life on earth is to learn to choose good over evil.

This is just a snippet of information about a handful of faiths practiced in La Jolla. Keep in mind that different places of worship may uphold varied beliefs. However, no matter what religious practice you wish to participate in, there are plenty of options here in La Jolla, CA!

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