La Jolla Real Estate Tips – Successfully Turn Your Second Home into a Vacation Rental

With spring a few months away, many La Jolla homeowners are beginning to consider the option of turning their second home or condo into a vacation rental.  While a great way to generate income during the busy spring and summer months, there are various items that homeowners need to complete in preparation for listing their home for rent on the La Jolla real estate market.

First, determine if your property is a suitable vacation rental.  By conducting a little research, you can learn more about the rental market in your area and determine whether or not your property is marketable and desirable.  Especially in a beach community like La Jolla, proximity to the beach or waterfront views are items that will make your property more desirable in comparison to rental properties further inland.  Also, use local La Jolla hotels as a reference for what additional amenities are available to travelers such as high-speed internet or Jacuzzi bathtubs.

Second, it is important to prepare your property.  Walk through your property and make sure everything works, including items such as appliances and lights.  It is also a good idea to locate a good housekeeping service or maid that you can use regularly to clean the house once your guests departs.  While you can do this on your own, if you expect multiple rentals in a short time period, an outside professional will be more convenient and help save you time.

Next, prepare for your guests. You will need to create a system for providing a key or entry instructions to your guests.  Property owners generally sent up a lockbox on their property; however, if you reside locally, you can also meet your guests and walk through the property and provide the keys, property details and instructions on how to use certain electronics, where to place trash, where extra towels are located, etc.  If you are unable to meet your renters, leave instructions with the keys or in the home to address these items.

The final step in preparing your home or condo is advertising.  Most property owners market their property online and use pictures to show the property and surrounding area.  In addition to taking high quality photos of the property, property owners should stage the area before to give prospective renters a sense of what they could be doing in your property.  Your advertisement should also include a description of the property, bedroom layout, amenities, nearby activities including shops and restaurants in La Jolla.

The above advice will help property owners turn their home into a successful vacation rental in La Jolla.  For individuals considering renting their home or condo, but feel they are unequipped or do not have the time to do so themselves, there are many agents that specialize in real estate in La Jolla and can help you with pricing and marketing your property.

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