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Running on Beach

If you live in La Jolla, everything you need to maintain good health is right at your fingertips. The San Diego sunshine offers essential Vitamin D, the beach is ideal for jogging or swimming, and studies report that seaside living leads to less stress. It’s also said that the abundance of negative free hydrogen ions in sea air helps our bodies absorb oxygen, while balancing serotonin levels!

However, this isn’t to say you should hit the beach in lieu of your next doctor’s appointment, especially when La Jolla is home to some of the best medical care in the county. When it comes time to schedule your annual check-up, here are a few options for where to go:

  1. Regular Physician: Scripps Green Clinic has long been trusted as a top medical provider for La Jolla residents.  Scripps Clinic has more than 400 physicians, making it easy to find a doctor you love, and also offers 50 medical and surgical procedures at their 10 San Diego locations.  Additionally, the Torrey Pines location in La Jolla happens to be the only Scripps with a 24/7 walk-in urgent care facility.
  2. Home Health Care: Home health care is a great option for aging adults who wish to live as independently as possible while having a helping hand available when needed. San Diego Home Care Assistance is the trusted provider of trained and reliable in-home caregivers with a satisfaction rate of 97%.
  3. Holistic Care: La Jolla has a wide selection of holistic medical providers for those seeking a more natural approach to healing and care. Holistic Traditions on La Jolla Blvd. specializes in Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage, Symmetry Postural Alignment, Internal Medicine, private Yoga, Hormone Testing and Cold Laser Therapy. The staff is always up to date on the latest, all-natural practices.

With flu season upon us, it’s important to keep your health in mind! If you are looking for additional options for La Jolla physicians, senior care or other medical needs, go to La Jolla Blue Book’s online directory and click on the “Health Care” tab. We’re sure you’ll find the right provider that meets your needs and matches your lifestyle!

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