Top 5 Date Ideas In La Jolla For $20 (Or Less)

Last month we featured the best $10 Lunch Deals in La Jolla for all the gastronomy bargain hunters (and students) out there. This week we’re shifting focus slightly, looking at sporty date options for couples on a budget of $20 or less.
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5. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
Cost: Free if you park outside the reserve

Torrey Pines Beach and Coastline

If you’d like to see what Southern California looked like back in 1652, a walk through the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve should give you a pretty good idea. This impressive 2,000 acre reserve is right on our doorstep and free to visit (there is a small fee for people who want to park inside). You’ve got 8 miles of hiking trails to explore, coupled with a variety of unique landscapes and animals to admire (and probably instagram). The best part: it’s free.

4. One Week Yoga Trial
Cost: $10 from Yoga Tropics


Yoga is fast becoming the routine of choice for fitness icons, celebrities and health gurus. The benefits are apparently endless – it builds core muscles, boosts your immune system, metabolism and your ability to focus. Some even say it makes your hair grow thicker and your eyes glow in the dark. Yoga studios in La Jolla and the surrounding suburbs are making it easy for everyone new to this ancient practice that has found its way into the lives of so many modern individuals, offering discounted rates for your first week. Everyone has to start somewhere, and for less than ten bucks it seems fair to give yourself the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.

3. Bike the Neighborhood
Cost: $6 Per Hour from California Bicycle, free if you own one


La Jolla’s coastal views and landscapes are best experienced at ground level, preferable with a picnic basket and your family nearby. There’s a lot of ground to cover and it’s not always easy getting around in a car -especially after three o’clock, when the traffic turns into a pavement rodeo. The answer to all your problems is renting a bicycle on a perfect afternoon (a free commodity around these parts), which allows you to go from La Jolla all the way down to Sunset Cliffs at a leisurely pace.

2. Go Surfing
Cost: Free if you own a boar, $20 per day if you’re renting from Mitch’s Surf Shop

la jolla 2

La Jolla’s beaches during summer and early fall are primed for beginner surfers to earn their stripes. While most of the experienced surfers are waiting for winter to bring a bit of size back to the waves, the perfect weather and gentle little ripples that characterize the sea right now are ideal for those new to surfing. At just $20 per day you can rent a soft top surfboard (the safest way to learn) and spend the day getting to know the ocean on a more intimate level.

1. Rent A Snorkel and Mask – La Jolla Cove
Cost: $10 P/Day From Mitch’s Surf Shop Mitch’s Surf Shop

La Jolla Cove is like a small aquatic game park, complete with sea lions, colorful fish and leopard sharks (harmless fellows – not the scary kind of sharks). While it is pretty special to admire all these pretty things from the shore or the cliffs, to get out there and swim amongst the local inhabitants is a special privilege.

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