Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Lived In La Jolla

La Jolla has a magnetic quality that draws people in and makes them want to stay. Its web of sunshine and beach sand has gotten to many a visitor over the years, including a growing tally of celebs. Today we decided to through the our favorite 5 Celebs and stars who’ve lived here, according to the following categories: movies, music, literature and sports.

If you think we’ve left someone rare, special or unique off the list, drop us a comment below or on Facebook and let us know. Let’s talk about famous La Jollans.

Best Actress: Robin Wright

Although she was born in Texas, Robin Wright was raised in San Diego and attended La Jolla High School. In her early career she starred in the popular daytime soap opera, Santa Barbara, which showcased some of the finest mullets and fashion disasters of the eighties. She would go on to star in Forrest Gump (and win a Golden Globe among other awards), Unbreakable, Moneyball and plenty of other fantastic movies.

Best Actor: Gregory Peck
Eldred Gregory Peck was born in La Jolla and raised in San Diego before he went on to win an Oscar and numerous humanitarian awards. The Californian actor received his Academy Award (an accolade that had evaded him four times previously) for his role as Atticus Finch in the adaptation of Harper Lee’s American classic, To Kill A Mockingbird.

Best Sport Icon: Rey Mysterio

Oscar Rubio Gutierrez, Rey Mysterio, grew up in Chula Vista before moving to La Jolla in recent years. The Mexican American superstar made his mark on the international stage by bringing his high-flying Lucha Libre act to a new audience and showing bravery that defied his 5’9″ frame. He would go on to win the World Heavyweight Title, the Intercontinental Title and numerous other awards that have entered his name into the history books.

Best Writer: Anne Rice
Before Twilight and its bafflingly popular sequels rode into town, an American woman wrote some really good books about vampires. Anne Rice is the real deal; an actual writer with otherworldly talent and an immensely impressive collection of work – her most famous being Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles. Funnily enough, this was also made into a great movie – with real actors, a decent script and everything. She moved to La Jolla in 2005, but only stayed for a year before moving to Rancho Mirage, but we’ll claim her by default.

Best Musician: Blake Sennet Swendson
Yet another La Jolla High School Graduate, the lead guitarist of ‘Rilo Kiley’ also grew up here. Before he started playing awesome music, Swendson had a brush with fame playing the role of ‘Joey the Rat’ in Boy Meets World, one of the most beloved children’s sitcoms of the 90’s.

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