Top 3 DIY Football Party Decorations

The highly anticipated football game is going to be the highlight of this upcoming weekend. Outshine the annual championship game by hosting an even greater party! Here is a list of DIY football party decorations that will make your party unforgettable:

super bowl diy

Football Snack Stadium
This do-it-yourself presentation will blow your guests away! Prepare snack bins at a 45 degree angle and fill them with all of your favorite snack foods. Include chips, pretzels, bread, cheese, and other delectables. Fill a large pan with guacamole and use as your grass field. Add tooth-pick flags around the top and install hot dogs as stadium pillars. Put in a few more creative touches, and you have a game day snack that will be remembered for years. While it may consist of a very extensive preparation, it will be worth it to see the faces of shocked guests!

super bowl diy

Football Pizza
This next creative do-it-yourself dish will take center attention at your party! A football pizza is a great way to entertain the little ones during the big game. Have a create-your-own pizza station where guests can be inspired and make their own pizzas. For the football pizza, simply decorate the dough with pepperoni in a large oval sized shape. Then add the stitching with cheese and bake to perfection! The kids will have endless hours of fun while decorating and eating their creations! Simple setup, easy cleanup, and tons of fun! What more could you ask for?

super bowl diy

Commercial Scorecards
The biggest football game of the year wouldn’t be complete without some fantastic commercials! Have your guests entertain themselves with this fun and simple DIY game. Rate the big game commercials with these handy scorecards. Simply glue popsicle sticks to scorecards and distribute them to your guests. Have a scale from 1 to 5 with funny and laugh-out-loud captions. You can even let your guests decorate scorecards with their favorite teams’ colors! Will they choose the bright green & blue colors from the Seattle team? Or go with the blue and orange of the Denver team? Only time will tell!

Share with us your creative DIY football decorations by sharing on Facebook and using #LJBB! Have a safe and joyful time watching the big game on Sunday, everyone!

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