Top 10 San Diego County Fair Foods

2016 san diego county fair foodsYou know it’s fair season when you see chicken and waffles on a stick! The San Diego County Fair returns June 3rd with a plethora of deep-fried goodies from nachos to french toast. Here are our top picks for San Diego County fair foods.

San Diego county fair foods

Deep Fried Nachos
Probably by far our favorite deep-fried concoction at the fair this year. These deep-fried crunchy, pepper-jack cheese stuffed balls are served drizzled in nacho cheese and jalapeños. Sold as a set of three balls for $9 at Texas Tater Twisters.


san diego county fair foods chicken charlies Chicken and Waffle On A Stick
You can’t go to the fair and not stop by the popular Chicken Charlie’s. Although this treat is not fried, it is pretty massive and does not disappoint. This large waffle comes stuffed with fried chicken on skewers served with a side of maple syrup for dipping. It’s like a meal and dessert all in one!

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Shrimp fried rice on a stick
Also from Chicken Charlie’s, a very fair friendly food. No time to sit down and eat? No problem! Comes with jumbo breaded and fried shrimp along with deep-fried rice balls. (pictured above)


san diego county fair foods koolaid

Kool-Aid Hot Wings
Our third and final entry from Chicken Charlie’s are candy coated-like fried hot wings in a red kool-Aid sauce. Think: teriyaki wings but much, much sweeter.


san diego fair food

Double Deep Fried Fish Taco
Pignotti’s steps up their fish taco game this year with this battered deep-fried treat. What’s in it? Everything you would find in a fish taco: fish, cabbage, tomatoes, enclosed in a beer batter, drizzled with a white sauce. No more taco spillage when you go in for a bite. We call these “walking-friendly” foods


del mar fair food

BBQ Baked Potato
Another staff favorite! What’s so special about it? It’s a Swiss cheese stuffed, bacon-encased, smoked BBQ potatoe. Proof that bacon does make everything taste better. Find this bacon treat at no other than Bacon-A-Fair.


san diego county fair foods french toast bacon bombs French Toast Bacon Bomb
Another great concoction from Bacon-A-Fair are these sweet and savory bite-size treats. Stop me if this doesn’t make your mouth water…cream cheese stuffed dough, wrapped in bacon, deep fried and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served with syrup. Mmmm…


san diego fair foods Deep Fried Lemonade
This sounds like something that should’ve been created a long time ago. What it tastes like: A tarty lemon cake on a stick.


san diego county fair Hatter’s Mad Mashup Burger
Keeping with the fairs theme, Alice in Wonderland, This Mad Hatter’s themed burger is quite out of this world. What’s in it: Pretzel bun, fresh hamburger patty, smoked bratwurst, caramelized bacon with pecans, chili sriracha mayo, bourbon sauce, lettuce, tomato, cheese, with chips or fries on top. Find it at Tasti Burger aka Tasti Chips.


san diego fair food tasti chips Reuben Burger
Another entry from Tasti Burger: Pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing.


san diego fair pinks Pink’s Madhatter Dog & Lord of the Rings Dog
From LA’s renowned hot dog spot, Pink’s brings us two Hollywood themed creations. Madhatter: mild Polish dog Mad Hatter Dogtopped with chipotle mayo, grilled mushrooms and onions, shredded carrots and red cabbage. LOTR dog: Polish dog wrapped in fried onion rings topped with BBQue Sauce.

Which San Diego County Fair foods will you be trying? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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