How to Host a Kid-Friendly Party

Christmas PartyHosting a big Christmas or New Year’s Eve shindig at your La Jolla home? Are there going to be kids in tow? If you’re going to have little ones running around during the get-together, you should take some extra precautions to make sure they stay safe, entertained and well behaved so that the adults can mix and mingle without worry.


  • Provide healthy kid-friendly foods and beverages. Loading kids up with sugary treats and sodas is a disaster waiting to happen. Get fun wholegrain holiday crackers, bite-sized vegetables and 100% fruit juice. Let parents decide what desserts their children get instead of laying them all out on the table.
  • Provide entertainment so that kids don’t get bored. Have a designated play area with games, supervised crafts and an entertainer like a child’s magician. If you really want to be the “cool party host” among children, and maybe even some of the adults, rent a bouncy house for the evening!
  • Focus on supervision and safety. Never leave kids alone to wander a large home alone. If you plan on having a large get-together it might be wise to hire a couple nannies or babysitters who can always keep an eye on the children. Also, take extra precautions to store sharp items out of reach, put away any valuables and block off access to your pool if you have one.
  • Provide a quiet room for parents and children that need it. If you have a new mom that would like to nurse in privacy, or perhaps some kids that will need to be put down for a nap in the middle of the soiree, have a peaceful and well-prepared room for parents to do so.
  • Tell parents house rules ahead of time. If you have friends who are bringing over their children, welcome them with loving arms but be sure that they’re aware of all house rules. Send an email or include the basics with your invite. Informing parents of simple things like proper language, roughhousing and bathroom etiquette can save you pain, and possibly the cost of a La Jolla plumber, down the road.

Remember that the children in attendance are your party guests too and that all the excitement and stimulation of a large crowd can be overwhelming for them at times. As long as you provide a safe and fun environment, for parent and children alike, your party is guaranteed to be a success!

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