Time To Think About Home Security Systems

Did anybody see the news story about the couple in Seattle who saw a burglar in their home while on vacation? This couple was vacationing in Sun Valley and when checking their home security system from their mobile phone, they saw every homeowner’s worst nightmare – a robbery live on their phone! Check it out courtesy of Yahoo and ABC news.

If it’s time to upgrade your home security or if you want to learn more about the recent technological advancements in security monitoring that allow you to monitor from your iphone or smart phone, call La Jolla Security Systems at 858-454-2345. Whether you live in a home, condo or townhome, rest assured knowing your La Jolla real estate is protected.

Although we live in the very safe community of La Jolla San Diego, as the old saying goes, better safe than sorry. And this is what the Seattle couple learned for themselves as they were able to call the police and stop the burglar from getting away with their items!



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