The Wall Street Journal Puts the Spotlight on La Jolla

La Jolla is an upscale and quiet community of San Diego, recognized for its pristine beaches and panoramic views of the Pacific. However, the next time you’re frolicking on Black’s Beach in supposed seclusion, you may be under the watchful eye of a billionaire.That’s right, billionaire with a “B”.

The luxurious and fabulous homes of La Jolla were once again in news headlines, this time in the Wall Street Journal. According to the article, the homes in La Jolla aren’t only popular with the wealthy, but the super-wealthy.

The Wall Street Journal article highlights the residential area of La Jolla called the Farms. The small gated community is situated on top of the rugged cliffs towering over Black’s Beach. There are around 100 or so expansive homes and mansions, each with a unique architecture and design. While tucked away from the visiting tourists, the area is a popular spot among many UCSD students who can often be found in the Farms, taking in the one-of-a-kind views. For information about other North Coastal neighborhoods in La Jolla, click here.

Surprisingly, these billion dollar homes are in high demand. Wealthy prospective homebuyers, many of who have families, are drawn by the scenic views, privacy and large acreage which can be difficult to find, especially in Southern California. Even in the down economy, the price of a typical home in the Farms averages more than $800 per square foot. With lot sizes ranging from one to seven acres in size, you’re looking at a steep price for a home in the coveted Farms community.

For those of us who aren’t your average billionaire and are not going to be buying a home with cash in the Farms anytime soon, there are many other prestigious neighborhoods in La Jolla that offer a safe, family-friendly environment and are still within a stone’s throw to the beach.

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