The Cottage’s New and Improved Cinnamon Roll

The Cottage in La Jolla, known for their popular breakfast and lunch menu, is reintroducing their famous cinnamon rolls with a new and improved recipe. The Cottage achieves the perfect balance in thick, soft, moist, warm that will literally melt in your mouth cinnamon rolls and La Jolla Blue Book was there to taste it all.

The cinnamon roll is back on the menu after being absent for a few years, but we recommend you get there early as only a dozen of them are made daily. The rolls are big enough to share with someone but we won’t judge you if you don’t and neither will The Cottage.

The cinnamon roll is so big we measured it at an impressive six and a half inches wide by two and a half inches tall. The rolls are soft and full of flavor with just the right amount of frosting. The best part is the price, only $3.25 (+ tax). CR

An interesting fact we learned while enjoying this delicious treat is that our very own news and feature Editor, Clayton Truscott, a native of South Africa referred to it as a “Chelsea Bun” (a South African delight similar to our cinnamon roll) which can easily be enjoyed with a cup of “red bush’ tea, or just simply coffee. Whether you call it a Chelsea Bun or just a cinnamon roll, give your taste buds something to really savor.

The Cottage will unveil the cinnamon rolls to the public at the New Cinnamon Rolls Tasting Event next Tuesday, September 10th  from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Remember The Cottage only makes a dozen a day, as good as these rolls are, this might be the only time you get to taste them. See you there!

While there is little doubt that the Cottage is among the very best restaurants in San Diego for breakfast and brunch, there are several other local La Jolla brunch restaurants you should try.

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