The 5 Best Cameras to Take on Vacation (Under $400)

A good camera is a must-have when traveling, vacationing, or simply capturing summer memories at home with friends and family. We asked the experts at C&H Photo for a list of the best cameras to take on vacation this summer, and they’re all affordable, easy to use, and available for purchase at C&H Photo.

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8; $90

Best Cameras to Take on Vacation

This little guy from FujiFilm has been a crowd favorite since its debut a few years ago. It comes in seven different colors and allows you to print Polaroids right from the camera (film isn’t included with purchase, though). Getting a great shot is easy – the camera even features automatic exposure measurement – and the printing allows you to see your handiwork instantaneously.

2. Pentax WG-4; $300

Best Cameras to Take on VacationThis is a perfect camera for the adventure enthusiast. It’s a hardy, durable camera that’s waterproof and comes pre-covered in a tough rubber case, making it less susceptible the normal wear and tear that comes along with traveling or sightseeing. Don’t worry about dropping it, bumping it, or getting it wet – this is accident-friendly and even comes equipped with a GPS!

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3. Sony Alpha 3000; $399

Best Cameras to Take on Vacation

This is a great beginner Digital SLR that allows for interchangeable lenses and has plenty of automatic and manual settings to choose from. It offers full Manual control in both photo and video modes, focus peaking, Anti Blur/Handheld Twilight, HDR/DRO Options and a decent kit lens. It’s a great starter for those wanting to get their feet wet in photography and just start taking better quality photos than their phone provides.

4. GoPro Hero; start at $129

Best Cameras to Take on Vacation

This is the perfect entry-level GoPro for those just starting out in the adventure camera field. It’s the cheapest and most basic of the GoPro family, but it still features 1080p30 and 720p60 video, 5MP photos up to 5 frames per second, QuikCapture, and Auto Low Light. It’s also waterproof up to 131’ (40m).

5. iPhone Photo Lenses; $60 – 100

Best Cameras to Take on VacationIf you aren’t ready to splurge on a new camera quite yet – but you have an iPhone or an Android – try an add-on focus lens by Olloclip or Lensbaby (there are several versions). You can adjust the focus positioning via a downloadable companion app. The Olloclip version is simply a small clip that attaches to the iPhone, placing optics over the built-in camera and providing macro capabilities. There are three different configurations in total.

Head over to C&H’s website for a complete listing of their products and for ordering information. The shop also routinely offers classes and tutorials on various cameras – including DLSRs and, more recently, GoPro.


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