Teeth in a Day-The Fast Solution for Broken Smiles

Do you or your family member wear dentures or have many missing teeth? Are you searching for a fast way to get that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted? Look no further, Dr. Israel Ismaj of La Jolla offers Teeth in a Day, the ultimate dental solution to this problem.

Before Teeth in a Day Surgery

Before Teeth in a Day Surgery

After Teeth in a Day Surgery

After Teeth in a Day Surgery

Teeth in a Day is essentially a one day process in which combined efforts between a surgeon, a restorative dentist and a dental laboratory use CT scans to extract the ruined teeth, place implants in the mouth, then attach a fixed bridge to the implants. It is completely permanent.

His dental office is the only one in La Jolla that performs this procedure and it has been used in over 300 cases. Price varies depending on number of broken teeth amongst other factors.

The beauty of Teeth in a Day is that it only takes one day, whereas in other instances it can take between 8 months to a year!

If you are interested in this procedure, you can call Dr. Ismaj’s office at (858) 459-3100, visit his website, or stop by his office at 7334 Girard Ave, Suite 204 for a complimentary consultation.

Does this sound like a procedure you’d be interested in? Have you actually received this procedure yourself? Let us know below with a comment.

Photos received by email from Dr. Ismaj

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