Tasti Chips-A Must-Try at the San Diego Fair

If you’re like me, deciding what to eat at the fair can be a little overwhelming. This summer, Tasti Chips are a must-try at the San Diego County Fair. This year Tasti Chips is celebrating their 40th anniversary and we were lucky enough to get a behind the scenes look at the history and the making of these unbelievably tasty Tasti chips.

The History

Tasti Chips was started in 1974 when Grant Vartanian decided that the fair industry was missing fresh potato chips. It was then that Tasti Chips was born.

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Tasti Chips have been reviewed by numerous online sites  like Wander Magazine and localwally.blogspot.com to San Diego. Wally’s phrased it well in saying “Tasti Chips are totally legit, freshly fried potato chips that would be perfect on the menu at Fleming’s steakhouse if only they were smart enough to add them.”

I was given the privilege of a backstage interview with the Tasti Chips Team, head of social media, Jodi Gonzales, and Vartanian’s son, Stephen, to talk about the celebration of their 40th anniversary. They briefly told me of the history of Tasti Chips and then let me sample some of my own!

The Process

By being in the booth myself, I got to see the process first hand. Tasti Chips has a very simple menu: the potato chips, breaded onion rings and a few variations of cheese sauce. The potatoes, which come from a farm in Southern California and have for the past 30 years, are sliced and then immediately put in the fryers. They are then fried in peanut oil and served.

Tasti ChipsTasti Chips









Tasti ChipsMany do not know that while the potato chips are fried in peanut oil, the chips are completely safe for those with peanut allergies. They are also gluten free when served plain!

The cheese sauces range from bacon cheese sauce to jalapeno (pictured here), amongst others. The cheese sauce also prides itself in being one of the only cheese sauces at the fair in which the first ingredient is cheese. The booth also has a variation of extra sauces to put on your chips like Tapatio hot sauce, vinegar, salt, pepper and a mix of spices.

Tasti Chips are solely sold at fairs, in particular the San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County and Antelope County fairs. The dates of each Tasti Chips stay can be found here.


Tasti Chips holds numerous giveaways through their social media accounts. When I visited they were holding a Facebook giveaway asking fans to describe Tasti Chips in four words. The winner was then announced on their page and received a free 40th anniversary t-shirt.

Tasti ChipsWhile the chips are only sold at fairs currently, Vartanian hopes that eventually they could be sold at outside markets.

While many are selling novelty, Vartanian said, Tasti Chips is selling good food. Be sure to stop by at Tasti Chips-a must-try at the San Diego Fair-and enjoy their original and delicious potato chip nachos.

Keep up with Tasti Chips on the Twitter @tastichips, Facebook.com/tastichips and Instagram @tastichips for more info about their upcoming contests in hopes to win 40th anniversary t-shirts, free chips and more!


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