A Sneak Peak into Valentine’s Day in La Jolla

Photo Credit: banarsidesigns.comFor some, February 14th is a day to recognize the love one has for someone special. For others, the day is about greeting card companies, candy stores and large corporations taking advantage of a so-called holiday to reap monetary benefits. There are even some who have deemed it “singles awareness day,” either proud of their non-committed status or exact the opposite, modestly searching for their soul mate.

However, with the 14th quickly approaching, we thought our readers might appreciate a brief overview of what’s going on for Valentine’s Day in La Jolla. So whether you’re looking to make plans to wow your sweetheart or just want to read about the “stupid and crazy” things people are doing to celebrate these days, here are some of our favorite romantic spots in La Jolla. Yes, they may be a bit cliché (your typical dinner and evening out), but what’s a holiday celebration without following tradition? Continue reading