Top 5 Real Estate Mistakes made by Sellers in La Jolla

A homeowner may be listing their home for a number of reasons.  Unfortunately, many sellers make common mistakes that can be costly in the long run and actually discourage buyers from submitting an offer.  When selling real estate in La Jolla, sellers need to be aware of what they should avoid in order to quickly sell their property at a price they are comfortable and satisfied with.

  1. Overpricing Your Home – Many sellers make the mistake of overpricing their home due to emotional attachments or they choose a price point based on what they would like to net from the sale.  Informed buyers will have done their research and be aware of the comps and reasonable prices for the neighborhood.  A high asking price could force potential buyers to immediate eliminate your home as a possibility.
  2. Over Improving Your Home – Many La Jolla sellers see the benefit of remodeling areas of their home prior to putting it on the market.  While this can increase the property value, some homeowners may take it a step too far.  When remodeling includes awkward additions or changes that are highly personal, potential buyers may be turned off.  A buyer wants to add their own personal touches, not spend time covering yours.
  3. Crowding Potential Buyers – Purchasing a home in La Jolla is a large financial and emotional decision, especially for first time homebuyers.  Potential buyers need time to focus in order to evaluate your home and determine if it is a right match for them.  Overeager sellers inadvertently turn off potential buyers by not allowing them a certain level of privacy during the showing.  During an open house or home tour, think about leaving the home or confining yourself to one room if you absolutely need to stay at home.
  4. Wasting Time with Unqualified Buyers – In our current economy, some La Jolla sellers have seen a potential buyer fall through at the last minute due to finance complications.  Before accepting an offer, be sure to confirm the buyer’s funds or ask them to consult with a loan officer. Obtaining La Jolla real estate loans can be a lengthy process and sellers should seek out buyers who are pre-approved, not just pre-qualified for a loan.  Also, don’t compare your offers based solely on price and examine other factors such as percentage of the down payment.  Always have a backup plan in the event a prospect is denied financing so you do not have to put your property back on the market if your buyer is unable to close.
  5. Not Knowing the Terms of Your Contract – It is important sellers in La Jolla are aware of the terms and conditions in their contract. Before accepting an offer, review the contract with your attorney or real estate agent. They will be able to answer any questions you may have and be able to point out stipulations such as making repairs.  Understanding these requirements can save you time and money.

It is also important to hire a professional with a proven track record.  Their experience and knowledge of real estate market provides you with invaluable advice in regards to pricing, marketing tactics, staging recommendations and more.  For local sellers who are looking for quality agents to help sell their homes, view our directory of professional La Jolla real estate agents.

Tips for Selling Real Estate in La Jolla

Home buyers who are actively looking for real estate in La Jolla will see many beautiful homes with gorgeous views. For sellers in La Jolla, the challenge is how to make your home stand out in a sea of fantastic properties. Each home has its own individual qualities that can be highlighted for showings, as well as flaws that can be underplayed. Some homeowners will even consult with an expert La Jolla interior designer to improve their décor for showings. No matter what the situation, certain preparations must take place to get your home ready for showings. Depending on the condition of the property, you may need to do some touch up painting, landscaping or deep cleaning of the interior.

Sellers can make changes to their home to improve showings, but often miss the important details. These are the top five details that could ruin your chances for an offer in the eyes of a home buyer.

  1. Pet Items. Families often become accustomed to their pet’s sent, hair and toys around the home. From the prospective of a buyer, the cat’s litter box in the dining room or a slobbery bone on the couch can be a big turn off. It is crucial that a seller clean up after their pet. Before a showing, make sure the home and yard are clear of pet toys and their bathroom areas are clean. Vacuum daily to get rid of the pet hair and use a deodorizer to neutralize the pet scent. When your home looks clean and smells nice, the potential buyers can focus on the positives of your home.
  2. Toys and Baby Supplies. While most buyers are forgiving of baby toys around the home, excessive toys can make the home seem untidy. Give yourself about 20 minutes before a showing to put away the toys. A toy chest or closet makes cleaning up items quick and easy for parents. Also, put away personal baby items such as diapers, breast pumps and empty bottles which can make some buyers feel uncomfortable.
  3. Cluttered Counters and Dirty Dishes. The kitchen is often a major factor in the sale of a home. If your counters are crowded with appliances, dish towels, spices or cutting boards, it can give the appearance that there is little counter space or not enough storage in the kitchen. Dirty dishes are another big turn off for home buyers. Make sure dishes are clean and put away before a showing.
  4. Personal Items and Toiletries. It is important to the home buyers that the bathroom is clean.

Make sure you clean the toothpaste off the sink, put dirty towels in the wash and mop the floors. Personal items such as prescriptions, body lotion containers, toothbrushes and treatments should also remain unseen to the potential buyers.

  1. Dirty Toilet and Toilet Seat. The bathroom toilet is not something your guests want to see. Make sure the toilet is clean and the lid is closed. Your bathrooms will show much better this way, allowing home buyers to see the positive aspects of the bathroom.

Surveys show that 20 percent of homeowners make these mistakes in preparing their home for showings. These five details are the biggest turnoffs for home buyers and could mean the difference between a full-price offer, a low-ball offer or no offer at all. If you are selling La Jolla Real Estate, follow these tips to ensure a successful showing and increase your chances of a better offer.