Leucadia Pizzeria | La Jolla

La Jolla Blue Book presents our latest “Quiet on the Set” video featuring Leucadia Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant.

A local Italian food favorite for more than 25 years, Leucadia Pizzeria has three locations throughout San Diego in La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe and Encinitas.

Leucadia Pizzeria in La Jolla serves lunch and dinner to diners in a relaxing atmosphere at their La Jolla location on Regents Road in the Vons Shopping Center. Their large covered patio can seat up to 60 guests, perfect for special occasions including birthdays, rehearsal dinners, and banquets. Leucadia Pizzeria can also cater any party or corporate event just as it has done for hundreds of off-site events over the last 25 years.

Dine-in during the week and take advantage of their lunch specials starting at just $4.99. Choose from pizza, pasta and subs, includes salad, garlic bread and a cookie. Also, check out their 1/2 off wine Mondays and happy hour specials.

Need delivery? Don’t fret because Leucadia Pizzeria’s delicious pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads and gourmet desserts are just a phone call away. With delivery to all of La Jolla, Leucadia will deliver to all parts including Mount Soledad, Via Capri, Bird Rock and the Village. Leucadia is widely regarded as one of the best delivery restaurants in La Jolla because it covers the entire community and almost never keeps people hungry too long. Very few restaurants, if any, are willing to deliver to all of La Jolla and that makes Leucadia a great option. If you are enjoying a stay at any of the hotels in La Jolla village, you can enjoy this food delivered to your room.

For more information visit Leucadia Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant or contact them at,

7748 Regents Rd
La Jolla, CA 92037

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Extreme Pizza | La Jolla

La Jolla Blue Book presents our latest “Quiet on the Set” video featuring Extreme Pizza.

Located in the heart of the village, Extreme Pizza is committed to serving the best quality pizza by using the freshest ingredients possible.

Serving up an innovative menu featuring exciting pizza combinations not available anywhere else, such as the new Hanoi Fever pizza which includes Shredded pork marinated in a spicy hoisin style sauce, mozzarella, peanuts, green onions, jalapeños, carrots and fresh cilantro. Their menu also includes freshly made salads, wings, “monster subs” and calzones.

In health-conscious La Jolla, Extreme Pizza is a perfect fit as it offers gluten-free pizza on gluten-free and dairy free pizza crusts. Create your own pizza with over 50 toppings to choose from or pick one of their many signature pizzas. Each pizza is available in different sizes ranging from 8” to 18” which serves up to 4 people or more.

Extreme Pizza delivers to all of La Jolla including hotels, homes and businesses. Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, call or place your order online for delivery or dine in at the convenient and comfortable Kline Street location which includes a pet friendly outdoor seating area.

For more information about Extreme Pizza, visit Extreme Pizza or contact them at,

834 Kline St
La Jolla, CA 92037

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What Makes a Great Pizza?

When hunger strikes, nothing beats a really great slice of pizza – warm, filling and flavor-packed. Whether you prefer deep dish, thin crust, stuffed crust, or New York style, you really can’t go wrong. So our question is, what makes a really great pizza?

We all know a pizza is comprised of 3 basic items- crust, cheese and sauce. Now for the breakdown…

Without an amazing crust to build on, the pizza doesn’t stand much of a chance. If the crust gets soggy, toppings slide off on to the plate, creating a giant goop of pizza slop. Too thin and the crust will crack under the weight of cheese and sauce. There’s definitely an art to pizza crust and like we said, it’s the foundation for a great pie.

Finding the perfect sauce to topping ratio is also critical in our opinion. Especially so because these days you can find practically everything but the kitchen sink as a topping option! If you want to see some really creative pies, just take a look at some of the menus options on our pizza La Jolla page. Some of the more interesting toppings we’ve seen are exotic seafood, mashed potatoes, broccoli and sauerkraut. That’s the great thing about pizza, if you love something, chances are, it will make an excellent topping!

Since we work here, we’ve sampled most – if not all – of the different pizza in town and found that no matter what your style preference, La Jolla has a pizza to match. So, if you find yourself asking, “What’s for dinner?” remember that La Jolla pizza parlors are always a great option.

If you have a moment, let us know about your favorite area pizzeria or tell us about the best slice you’ve ever had…