Must Visit La Jolla Beaches (Continued)

Last week we shared with you 3 La Jolla Beaches you must visit. Because La Jolla is known for its pristine coastline and stunning beaches, there’s a lot of ground (or sand) to cover. With that, we present 5 more La Jolla beaches you should visit this Spring and Summer.

Boomer Beach


When it comes to body surfing, it doesn’t get much better than scenic Boomer Beach. The area is located on Coast Boulevard just a tad southwest of La Jolla Cove. Body surfing is awesome here because of the way the surf breaks. The area especially appeals to accomplished body surfers. If there is any downside, body-boarding and surfing are not allowed, but that is only for one’s safety. Hey, again, we’re talking pounding surf here! The summer season is the best time to climb down the sandstone bluff to reach the sand for body surfers, or for those who just want to relax on benches and watch the surf roll in. Boomer Beach is also less crowded than other area beaches, especially during the summer months. Added bonuses consist of a fantastic spot for collecting shells, snorkeling, and getting one’s tan on. And if your timing is right, you can even body surf with sea lions. Restrooms and showers are always available at Ellen Browning Scripps Park located just above the beach.

Shell Beach & Seal Rock


Another La Jolla favorite is Shell Beach. It is located just south of Boomer Beach. It is a rather small beach but one with a big heart. Shell Beach includes Seal Rock, a huge rock offshore where California sea lions like to hang out and entertain, so be sure to bring along your camera. During extreme low tides, the southern end of Shell Beach has an interesting tidepool-like area, where visitors will delight in seeing a variety of marine creatures. It’s also a great spot for adding to your shell collection or starting one. Shell Beach is a quieter area for but great for those who have a preference for avoiding large, crowded beaches. Wading is popular among kids at Shell Beach, but because the reef comes right up to the shoreline, swimming should be restricted to only experienced swimmers. Snorkeling is ever popular because of the stunning reefs and deep waters just offshore. Body-boarding and surfing are not allowed. For your safety, lifeguards with a keen set of eyes are on duty. Restrooms and shower facilities are available at the Children’s Pool.

Wipeout Beach


Wipeout Beach is located on Coast Boulevard just a bit south of the Children’s Pool. This is a larger beach with exposed caves during low tides and perfect for getting in those perfect shots with your camera. Despite the fact that the beach is an awesome spot for sunbathers, swimming is not advised because of strong currents and an abundance of rocks. Nevertheless, have a blast exploring caves at this beach, provided they are not choked by flotsam and seaweed.

Marine Street and Whispering Sands Beach


Marine Street Beach is located at the base of Marine Street. It is an expansive, white sand beach that is nestled between two rock reef points, Little Point on the south and Horseshoe on the north. The scenic reefs just offshore provide an exceptional area for seasoned board and body surfers. Additionally, it is the home of the Whomp, an extreme shore break. One of the great features is that it is clean and there is an abundance of sand. It should go without saying, but this makes it a fantastic area for sunbathing, swimming, diving, or tossing a Frisbee. There are fire rings to crank up some grub, or just chill around, but there no restrooms facilities. The northern end of the beach is sometimes called Whispering Sands Beach but they are actually one and the same. Lifeguards patrol the area during the summer months and on occasional weekends during the spring and fall when the beach is less crowded. One caveat is that parking is particularly limited, but this is owed to the fact that the beach is situated in a residential neighborhood.

Black’s Beach


Black’s Beach is well-known to those who have an affinity for clothing optional beach going. Although nudity was formally forbidden at this out-of-the-way, bathing suit-optional beach years ago, the long arm of the law hasn’t stopped the more adventurous sunbathers from baring all. Usually these courageous souls hang out on the north side end of the beach near the Gliderport trail. But hey, you don’t have to be a nudist to enjoy Black’s Beach. It is also well-known among surfers for its huge winter swells. Black’s Beach can be challenging to reach, but this is because of the steep trails leading down from the bluffs above. Nevertheless, it is entirely possible to walk during low tide from Torrey Pines in the north or La Jolla Shores from the south. There is no permanent lifeguard station at Black’s Beach, but lifeguards are frequently on duty mid-day from April through the end of October. Nevertheless, because of its remote locale, it can take as long as 20 minutes to receive assistance from lifeguards. At the southern portion of the beach visitors will find an emergency call box. No fixed restroom facilities are available, however portable restrooms are accessible at the Gliderport.

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Boomer Beach

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La Jolla Cove

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