Holiday Giving: A Tradition for GDC Construction

Pancho Dewhurst and the team at GDC Construction have upheld one of the oldest and most loved traditions in La Jolla: decorating and lighting the tree at the La Jolla Recreation Center each holiday season. The tradition was initiated in 1984 while George Dewhurst (Pancho’s father) was serving as Chairman of the Christmas Parade and President of the Rotary Club. Continue reading

11 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter Rain in La Jolla

When you own a home, each season has its own checklist for maintenance. With El Niño being talked about on every news channel in San Diego and the promise of more rain than usual this fall and winter in San Diego, preparing your home for extra wet weather is a necessity this season. “It doesn’t have to be a challenge,” says Pancho Dewhurst of GDC Construction; their home maintenance checklist is the perfect guide to follow as you prepare for the fall and winter seasons in La Jolla.
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GDC Construction: The Shifting Architectural Landscape of La Jolla

gdc constructionLa Jolla has long been known for its beach-side bungalows and craftsman-style homes; since the early days of Ellen Browning Scripps and long before the community’s evolution into a modern-day beach town, architecture has played a big role in La Jolla’s identity.
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The Dewhurst Family Legacy: Four Generations of Community Service in La Jolla

dewhurst family legacy fire station 13Pancho Dewhurst and his team at GDC Construction have long been avid supporters of the La Jolla community. When Ernie Dewhurst arrived in La Jolla in the 1900s, he laid the foundations for his family to become integral to the growth of the community. In the mid-1950s, his son, Walter Dewhurst, sat as president of the town council and initiated longstanding incentives in the Village; later, George Dewhurst followed in his father’s footsteps with his contributions as founding president of the La Jolla Sunrise Rotary Club. Today, the Dewhurst legacy lives on through the team at GDC Construction and remains dedicated to the evolution of our beautiful seaside Village.
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GDC Construction: Four Generations & a Passion for the Craft

gdc constructionThe legacy of GDC Construction spans four generations, two countries, and a colorful piece of family history; family-owned since day one, GDC has long been an impressive representation of what it means to be truly dedicated to one’s craft. Though the company officially opened its doors as a corporation under George Dewhurst in 1999 right here in La Jolla, GDC’s roots date back to the early 1900s with the Dewhurst family’s passion for creation.
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