New Painting Replaces First in the Murals of La Jolla Series

murals of la jolla
A big change for La Jolla’s mural series has come to fruition – the very first mural installed through the Murals of La Jolla program, “Girl from Ipanema” by Kim MacConnel (2010), has been replaced with Heather Gwen Martin’s new work “Landing.” One of the largest in the Murals program, installation of the piece took more than a week at 7724 Girard Ave. Continue reading

Murals of La Jolla: ‘Demos Gracias’ Adorns Wall Above Galaxy Taco

murals of la jolla

The phrase and title of this piece, Demos Gracias, translates as ‘a call for thanksgiving’ – a message that artist Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia conveys through a golden sunburst and a lively pattern to create what is arguably one of the most colorful La Jolla murals to date. Papel Picado (an essential decoration for special occasions and an homage to traditional Mexican Folk art) and Prayer banners intersect the image, reading optimistic messages like “for love” and “for a better future.” The mural resides above Galaxy Taco down at La Jolla Shores. Continue reading

Newest La Jolla Mural, Suns, Installed on Fay Avenue

mural la jolla
The side of the Empress Hotel on Fay Avenue is home to a new La Jolla mural – Suns, a collaboration between Victoria Fu and Byron Kim. Fu primarily works with moving images, while Kim is a painter; this is their first collaboration. The artists utilized a distinctive technique that embraces the mural’s medium (digital image printed on vinyl) while simultaneously allows it to blend in with the beautiful sky of La Jolla behind it.  Continue reading

Murals of La Jolla: Marcos Ramirez ERRE Piece Installed on Fay Avenue

murals of la jollaThe newest member of the Murals of La Jolla family has arrived at 7744 Fay Avenue! Marcos Ramirez ERRE’s Is All That It Proves has replaced Richard Allen Morris’ mural and offers a unique new perspective on a quote by a famous political theorist. Continue reading

Blah, Blah, Blah by Mel Bochner: Murals of La Jolla’s Newest Addition

The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library has announced the newest member of the Murals of La Jolla family! Blah, Blah, Blah, by Mel Bochner at 1111 Prospect Street is set to be fully completed by Thursday, May 14 and will be included on the next Murals of La Jolla monthly tour (Wednesday May 27 at 5:30pm). The mural replaces Ryan McGinness’ 53 Women, which has been on display since 2011 on the back side of the former Hotel Parisi building.
Continue reading

Murals of La Jolla

The Murals of La Jolla is a special project put together by The La Jolla Community Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to preserving and enhancing La Jolla, in efforts to bring civic engagement and pride to the community through art. A total of twelve completed installations can now be seen around the Village, with plenty more to come. The majority of the murals defy the “traditional” application of a mural by using special technology, such as digital printing on Vinyl. This is due to several reasons: the capability of advanced print technology and the fact that most of these works are so intricate and cover so much space that it would take a very long time to complete.

The Murals of La Jolla are created by various renowned international artists such as Julian Opie, and local natives such as John Baldessari. Most of the installations are located within the village, with the exception of Julian Opie’s, “Walking in the City” which is located in Bird Rock. Stop by the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library in La Jolla to pick up a free map or view the map online. This is a fun and free activity to do for locals and visitors alike. The La Jolla Community Foundation is planning on hosting fun and creative curated walking tours of the murals, which we highly recommend. Make sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates on the curated tours and new mural installations.

Check out our photo gallery which contains mural locations and fun information we learned during a curated tour:


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