Have a Cup of Cheer at La Jolla Brewing Company

In a community known for it’s iconic landmarks, the La Jolla Brewing Company (LJBC), has sought to build upon the prevailing identity of La Jolla’s rich history and pull in some of the cultural icons.

As a result of its ties to the failed Prohibition policy, LJBC chose to use Sunny Jim’s Cave, a veritable hidden treasure only accessible by kayak or through a hidden underground staircase beneath The Cave Store. Only true La Jolla residents and a modicum of fortunate outsiders are aware of the secret passage, which really makes it an authentic La Jolla gem.

La Jolla Brewing Company ‘s goal is to bring its prominent status to the many elite craft breweries in the greater San Diego area, and boy are they accomplishing it. With a fresh, systematic, and well-thought-out restructure, LJBC seeks to realize and preserve a reputation for excellence in craft beer, food, wine and beverage selection, customer service, atmosphere, and management.

LJBC not only features hand-crafted beer, but also features a 24 tap rotating selection of local San Diego County craft beers to keep La Jolla tastefully regaled. Their in-house beer choice showcases five signature styles, including Pale Ale, IPA, Pub Ale, Dry Stout, and Brown Ale. Feeling thirsty yet? LCBJ also creates specialty and seasonal offerings to retain a choice that is fresh and exhilarating.

At the La Jolla Brewing Company, they make it a point to make people feel like they are in their local neighborhood bar and restaurant where everyone feels wanted and has the opportunity to appreciate an ice cold beer as well as a quality meal at the end of the day. You could say that everybody knows your name- sound familiar?

LJBC is truly a hip place that only locals and a few outsiders know of, much like several of the historic landmarks in beautiful La Jolla.

The La Jolla Brewing Company continuously seeks to create an environment that is relaxed yet stimulating, at ease and conversant, hospitable and accessible, and to this end they have accomplished these lofty goals.

What do we love most about La Jolla Brewing Company? They believe in providing quality craft beer. As a craft beer brewery, they have the knowledge and capability garnered from years of experience, and always serve with a smile. This Holiday season, pop on into LJBC and have a cup (or two, or three, or four) of cheer! As always, drink responsibly and have fun!

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