San Diego Tide Pools Spotlight

San Diego Tide Pool Pictures Seeing the tide pools in San Diego is a great family-friendly activity for spring! They’re totally free, and are a terrific way to learn about the marine life that inhabits our oceans and rocky reefs. On any given day you may stumble upon octopus, tube snails, hermit crabs, water slugs, sea hares, sea cucumbers, sea anemone and numerous types of vegetation. Some of the animals attach themselves to the rocks, and others just swim or float – which provides a great vantage point for viewing! Here are a few tips to get you started. Continue reading

My Perfect Pet Food In La Jolla

Right now there’s a global shift towards living and eating a healthier way. Everyone is focusing on buying whole foods that are gluten, preservative, GMO and sugar-free, because of the long-term benefits. The most over-worked system in the body is your digestive tract, so it makes sense to eat smart – right? Anyhow, this all begs the following question: if processed food is bad for humans, couldn’t the same be said for dogs?

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Advice From La Jolla Dentist, Dr. Nick Marongiu

Over the last month we’ve talking dental issues with La Jolla Dentist, Dr. Nick Marongiu, from the Scripps Center For Dental Care. We asked him some probing questions about issues that are pertinent to kids, teens and adults who want healthy, white teeth. He was kind enough to offer his expert opinion on matters like whether or not teeth whitening home-kits work as well as in-office treatments, or if clear braces are as effective as traditional braces. Read on to find out more.

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Famous Californian Writers

The La Jolla Writer’s Conference kicks off in just under two months and openings for registration are selling out quickly. This year marks the thirteenth anniversary for the giant literary festival, which brings thousands of writers, agents and readers to our shores for three days. The schedule of events includes workshops on pitching your story, reading and critiquing sessions and interviews with a selection keynote speakers, like Best Selling crime fiction writers, Lisa Jackson and Christopher Reich. The Writer’s Conference is a golden opportunity for aspiring authors to demystify the creative and publishing process by taking advice from authors and industry personal, who are there to offer practical, first-hand advice.

To get everybody excited and ready for the occasion, we thought we’d take a look at a varied selection of authors from the State of California. We’ve tried to cover a wide variety of genres and eras, showing the diversity of opportunities out there – if you’ve got something to say and you can say it well, there’s a book waiting to be written.

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Top 8 Unique Cocktails In La Jolla

It’s no secret that La Jolla has some of the best restaurants in San Diego – even the country, for that matter. But gastronomic excellence around here doesn’t stop at food. We got a bevy of cocktails made with top-shelf liquor, exotic ingredients and a touch of genius, suited to any occasion – from Happy Hour, to casual lunches and big nights out on the town. And because there are so many great spots to choose from, competition is stiff – the restaurants and bars separate themselves by making cocktails you won’t find anywhere else. So if you’re looking for a saucy drink to spice up your outing, here are eight of the most unique cocktails you’ll find in La Jolla.


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Sur La Table Opens A Store In La Jolla

At long last, ‘Sur La Table’ has a store on Girard Street, in the heart of La Jolla. The Grand Opening took place this morning with resident chef, Andrew Young, preparing smoothies and breakfast treats for guests taking their first look at the new venue.

As anyone who’s been to the Fashion Valley or Carlsbad store knows, Sur La Table is the culinary equivalent of a Ferrari dealership, stocking its shelves with rare and fine cooking utensils, electrical appliances and ingredients. At just over 6750 square feet, it’s easy to lose yourself browsing, imagining the fantastic food you’ll make when you get home. Like the other Sur La Table venues, the store has a fully operational kitchen, where Chef Andrew and his team of assistants will be giving lessons and demos for aspiring chefs and novices alike.
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Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Lived In La Jolla

La Jolla has a magnetic quality that draws people in and makes them want to stay. Its web of sunshine and beach sand has gotten to many a visitor over the years, including a growing tally of celebs. Today we decided to through the our favorite 5 Celebs and stars who’ve lived here, according to the following categories: movies, music, literature and sports.

If you think we’ve left someone rare, special or unique off the list, drop us a comment below or on Facebook and let us know. Let’s talk about famous La Jollans.

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The Writing Community of La Jolla

Writing is often a time-consuming, brain-wracking occupation, resulting in many writers needing to find their perfect location to brainstorm, find their voice, and write in peace. The destination of La Jolla has been a muse for many writers with its gorgeous scenery, calming ocean waves, and distinct downtown area. Over the years La Jolla has cemented itself as an enclave for writers with its famous inhabitants, writing conferences, and local bookstore readings.


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