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Did you know there are many ways to connect with your La Jolla Blue Book Yellow Pages? In an age of digital information, we’re right there with you.

Sure, given that we’ve published our Blue Books since 1937, it’s little surprise that we are known for our print directories. But we’re also available wherever you go. In fact, we are La Jolla’s single most used resource and we make it easier than ever for both locals and visitors to find what you want and need.

From Twitter and Facebook to YouTube and LinkedIn, we’re there. Follow us, like us, connect with us at home or on the go—we’re also mobile. That’s because our number one priority is to get you information when you need it. Whether it’s print or digital, it’s easier than ever before to find us, no matter where you are.

Even when you don’t have access to your trusted print directory, you can still get valuable local information online or on your smart phone. In fact, with our Find It La Jolla mobile app and our mobile website, if you are on the run in the village or even on vacation in Europe, you will always have near instant access to a wealth of information no matter where life takes you.  All you need is your iPhone, iPad or any other smart phone with an Internet connection, and we will have you connected to La Jolla in seconds.

Our online business directory also offers the most in depth information for each of the trusted businesses you’re looking for and will find.  Each listing includes phone and address info, website and email links, links to each company’s Twitter, Facebook and social media pages, and a unique custom description of each company’s services, background and history in the La Jolla community. And you will even find photos and videos that we have produced so that you know all about the businesses before you ever call or visit them.  Who else makes life so simple?

Check us out. We’re the La Jolla Blue Book and NOBODY does local search better.

Free La Jolla Parking Spot For A Month Contest


Who wants to win a FREE parking spot in downtown La Jolla village for an entire month?

If you work, live or play in La Jolla Village and would like to be rid of your parking woes, at least temporarily for one month, stay posted this week for news of our Win a Parking Spot for a month contest courtesy of La Jolla Blue Book.

If parking in La Jolla is a pain, we are offering the antidote in the form of a La Jolla parking spot in a great location steps from Tommy Bahama, the Post Office, Willis Allen and the La Valencia Hotel!

Stay posted for contest details and rules to be launched later this week via our Blog, Twitter and Facebook.

Find It La Jolla iPhone App Brings La Jolla To The Palm Of Your Hand

La Jolla In The Palm Of Your Hand

Find It La Jolla: The La Jolla iPhone & iPad Mobile App

La Jolla Blue Book is proud to release Find it La Jolla, an innovative new iPhone & iPad application.

With this application, users have instant access to information about La Jolla beaches, local attractions, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, hotels, doctors, banks, and more.

This convenient application provides the address, directions, phone number, and website of any business listed in the directory, instantly. The application also employs the options of sorting by distance or by relevance, enabling users to find, for example, the closest restaurant or all restaurants in La Jolla.  Additionally, a simple touch to the listed phone number, address or website will connect you with the business instantly.

Up-to-date information for each business enhances Find it La Jolla’s usability, and makes it easy for anyone to find what they’re looking for. La Jolla Blue Book lists everything from real estate agents and general contractors to La Jolla dentists and surgeons. Whether users have a medical issue to fix, are simply craving fresh Italian food, want t   o find the La Jolla Cove, or a nearby La Jolla Pilates studio, Find it La Jolla can provide all necessary information.

The application is available at the iTunes App Store. Either search La Jolla on iTunes or type in Find It La Jolla specifically.

For more information on local businesses and La Jolla Blue Book, go to

For up to the date La Jolla specials, La Jolla community information and more, visit La Jolla Blue Book on Twitter & Facebook.

Celebrating at 75, La Jolla Blue Book Becomes One Stop Shop for Print, Online, Mobile App, Social Media Marketing

Search for La Jolla Info At Your Home, Office or On the Go. La Jolla Blue Book’s expanded services allow you to quickly find all things La Jolla whether you search in print, online or on your phone. 

Trusted by La Jolla locals since 1937, the La Jolla Blue Book is La Jolla’s one and only original community directory. Locals and visitors quickly find all things La Jolla by searching the only preferred local source of information.

La Jolla Blue Book is pleased to announce that our partners at the US Postal Service are in the midst of distributing our very special 75thanniversary editions.  Soon the entire La Jolla community will have access to the latest editions and residents, visitors and businesses we will all once again discover why they routinely search the one & only “local” source for the most up-to-date La Jolla information.

Finding what You Need Has Never Been Easier: Search the best information wherever, whenever and in all possible forms!  

(1) 75th Anniversary La Jolla Blue Books: #1 most used print publication direct mailed to every address in La Jolla and in room at local hotels.  

  • Easily find every type of business imaginable  from La Jolla Schools, La Jolla Banks and La Jolla Restaurants, to local Contractors & much more.
  • Restaurant Menu Guide now included so that you can decide what looks yummy if you are calling for delivery or you can look ahead before dining.

(2) La Jolla Blue Book Website: our newly optimized site has exploded in quality visits.

  • Easy to search online for business addresses, telephones, display ads, websites & email links. Each client’s social media services are also displayed and updated in real time which is a very unique feature that you just can’t miss!
  • (Great Opportunity to Link to Blue Book Website) To benefit from having dependably updated local information accessible from your website, you can very easily set up a hotlink to any of our pages. Realtors in paticular would benefit because their clients expect updated community info and the Blue Book is the leading provider of local info. La Jolla Schools,  La Jolla Community Info, La Jolla Beach Guide and everything else is updated on a daily basis.

(3) Mobile App: Blue Book is now in every pocket and handbag for people on the go.  

  • Quickly search through our great local La Jolla information and easily access everything you need from the ease of your phone.

(4) Mobile Website – search our website in hyper-speed whenever using your phone.

For updated La Jolla information, please visit us on La Jolla Blue Book Twitter , La Jolla Blue Book Facebook and La Jolla Blue Book Youtube . Get the scoop on all the special promotions in La Jolla and stay tuned for the insightful local insider tips we pass along and video footage we produce at the great local La Jolla events we are able to cover.

Please let us know if you share our excitement with our 75th Anniversary Edition or if you are interested in any of the other features discussed above.

Exclusive Access to All the Social Media Info for La Jolla’s Best Businesses

Get the scoop on all the special promotions offered by La Jolla businesses through social media. Find your favorite Twitter & Facebook accounts updated in real time all in one location at La Jolla Blue Book!

For more than 75 years, La Jolla Blue Book is where locals and visitors quickly find all things La Jolla by searching the one & only “local” source for the most up-to-date business information.

La Jolla Blue Book is now the one and only website offering updated Twitter and Facebook information for all your favorite La Jolla Businesses.

You can easily find the Facebook & Twitter links for La Jolla’s best businesses on our website. But we take it one step further.

La Jolla Blue Book actually publishes the most recent social media messages previously only found on the actual twitter & Facebook pages of our La Jolla businesses. So rather than having to spend hours searching hundreds of websites and through Google for these Facebook and twitter pages, now you can find the most recent news and special promotions for all your favorite La Jolla businesses in a matter of seconds at La Jolla Blue Book where the social media information is updated automatically in real time on our website.

Want to find out what’s new with La Valencia Hotel,  Inn By the SeaHarry’s Coffee Shop, Marine Room, La Jolla Yoga Center or La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre ?  Find all of their social media updates and special discount offers without leaving our website.

Search through our categories to locate the type of business you’re looking for (i.e. BanksReal Estate, Auto Repair, SchoolsHotels, Restaurants, Plastic Surgeons, Physicians and Dermatologists), and then click on any company name or picture to connect to the individual client pages we have set up for hundreds of businesses serving the La Jolla community. Once you pull up an individual business page, you will find all the business information including the most recent Twitter & Facebook posts. And you can even “like” or follow these businesses directly from our La Jolla website with just one easy click!

For up-to-the-minute La Jolla info, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter or visit our own profile page here  to see our most recent social media activity in one easy-to-use location.