Are Day Spas in La Jolla Shifting Toward the Hybrid Spa Trend?

When planning a day at the spa, you envision a calm and relaxing environment with a menu of services ranging from facial treatments to deep tissue massages.  What if, in addition to your facial peel, you could take a yoga class or receive a health checkup from a medical professional? The new trend in day spas is shifting toward hybrid spas, where your typical day spa in La Jolla merges with your personal exercise, health and wellness regime.

The hybrid spa allows its guests to receive the pampering they crave while also supplying a comprehensive health and wellness experience, specifically tailored to each individual.  As opposed to running around town for your La Jolla beauty and wellness services, hybrid spas use a “you-name-it” model.  Members can visit one location and receive whatever professional or medical treatment they desire.

There is also a social aspect to hybrid spas; designed to act as a meeting place for individuals interested in living a healthy lifestyle.  Hybrid spas are designed to serve as live forums allowing members to discuss different activities and spa services, utilizing others for feedback and recommendations.   Workshops, nutrition programs and fitness classes are also available, allowing hybrid spa members to interact and speak with professionals.

Although many of these hybrid spas have been erected outside of the United States, interest and popularity is growing rapidly.  Currently in Los Angeles, there are a few day spas that have transformed into hybrid spas, integrating yoga and fitness classes, acupuncture, nutrition, and fertility programs around the core spa model.  A handful of resorts are also considering offering these comprehensive spa services to their clients and vacationers who in search of a retreat and looking for more than a single day of rejuvenation.

A majority of La Jolla day spas are pure locations, offering standard spa treatments and not yet offering the additional services of hybrid spas.  However, the next time you visit your day spa for your relaxing facial treatment, don’t be surprised if a fitness class has been added to the services list.

IPSB Massage Therapy Center

La Jolla Blue Book presents our latest “Quiet on the Set” video featuring IPSB Massage Therapy Center.

Conveniently located in Pacific Beach, IPSB Massage Therapy Center is dedicated to improving personal health and wellness through therapeutic massage.

The center offers sessions with student practitioners and massage professionals. The massage students and professionals are trained in three main Western styles: Circulatory, Deep Tissue Sculpting, and Sensory Repatterning. Each offering its own therapeutic value.

Enjoy a customized massage in a tranquil and inviting atmosphere at reasonable prices! The center is open seven days a week from 9 a.m to 9 p.m by appointment. Give the gift of massage therapy by purchasing gift certificates online or over the phone.

To learn more about IPSB Massage Therapy Center please visit, IPSB Massage Therapy Center or contact them at,

1414 Garnet Av
Pacific Beach, CA 92109

To learn more about massage therapy please visit our La Jolla Massage Therapy guide.