Life is a Beautiful Ride: Bicycling in San Diego


Remember when bicycles were just child’s play for cruising the neighborhood? That has all changed since bicycling is now a considerably serious sport, not to mention an alternative method of conveyance. With a continuous and ever-growing network of bikeways and biking trails stretching across the contiguous United States, bicycling has motivated new individuals to hose the grime off and tune up those timeworn 10-speeds, sport some Lycra shorts and helmets, and pedal to their hearts delight. But seriously, what better place than San Diego with its temperate climes, stunning landscape, and 70 miles of coastline for some serious bike riding? San Diego is indeed the idyllic place to bike for either relaxation or exercise. With nearly 80,000 new residents pouring into the greater San Diego area each and every year, more and more people are taking up the reasonable expense as far as hobbies go and engaging in the healthy and environment-friendly activity of bicycling.

San Diego brags of in excess of 64 miles of devoted bike paths, some 334 bike lanes (and expanding), and over 133 miles of idyllic bike routes. Bike paths consist of 8-foot-wide special stretches of pavement where no cross traffic exists for safety purposes. In addition, they either run parallel to streets with substantial vehicle traffic or serve as safe connectors in highly difficult areas such as freeways and highways. Bike lanes are specifically designated on the right side of less busier streets with white lines painted eight feet from the curb, and bike lanes are easily identified by a stark white sign with a black bicycle. Additionally, bike routes are designated “shared” streets which are open to both auto and bike traffic and are identified by a green sign with a white bicycle.

With the upsurge with regard to facilities, programs and organizations intended for making bicycling safer and unproblematic, there is certainly no better time to hop on a bike and enjoy a leisurely ride. Our personal guide to cycling in the San Diego area includes a few routes to satisfy either novices or experienced cyclists.

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