San Diego Weekend Events | July 29 – 31

Another beautiful (and warm) weekend is upon is in San Diego! From La Jolla’s annual Fashion Film Festival to a surf dog competition, there’s something for everyone – not to mention a bunch of ways to enjoy the outdoors. Here are our top five San Diego weekend events (remember to always check for ticket availability prior to attending). Continue reading

San Diego Weekend Events | July 24 – 26

san diego weekend events

From the largest women’s surfing competition in the world to La Jolla’s very own Fashion Film Festival, there’s an awesome variety of activities happening in San Diego this weekend. Keep reading for a complete list of our favorite San Diego weekend events! And as always please be sure to check *ticket availability prior to attending any event. Continue reading

La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival To Honor James Franco

The 6th annual La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival returns to La Jolla July 24-25, setting the stage for Fashion Week San Diego in the fall. The festival exclusively celebrates fashion films and, in just a few years, has become a cornerstone for fashion film. This year’s festival will bring talented filmmakers from all across the globe to La Jolla, including James Franco who will receive this year’s Innovators Award via Skype. The event has been dubbed La Jolla’s very own “Cannes of the Fashion Film World” – and with good reason!

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La Jolla To Host Fashion Week San Diego Fall Runway Show In The Village

fashion week san diego
La Jolla is set to host this years Fashion Week San Diego Fall Runway Show with a series of week-long events featuring up-and-coming fashion designers on Sept. 28 through Oct. 4, 2015. Continue reading

Fashion Enthusiasts Come Together for the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

la jolla fashion film festival
We know there’s a huge international convention going on in town, but sharing the spotlight this weekend is another international event that truly holds its own. The La Jolla Fashion Film Festival celebrates it’s 5th year at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego in La Jolla, showcasing fashion films that not only celebrates the art of fashion – but film, beauty, wardrobe stylists, writers, music, and any component that helps make a fashion film a unique genre. Continue reading

La Jolla Fashion Film Festival: A Learning and Networking Experience

“I Googled ‘fashion film festivals’ and found Berlin, this one [La Jolla Fashion Film Festival], and a few others. We didn’t get into this one, but I’m down to check out the competition and learn and try to see what I can put together this year to get in next year,” says LA based filmmaker, Jeff Kulig.

And there it is: the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival is more than a showcasing of fashion; it is a learning and networking experience for anyone interested in fashion and film. Fashion films are relatively new, any opportunity to learn and grow within the genre should be seized. Day two of LJFFF saw more opportunities for up and coming filmmakers, including a director’s panel where the audience connected with established filmmakers, and a presentation from Hollywood producer Adam Leipzig – a former Disney Executive known for buying the international rights to “March of the Penguins” at Sundance.

After the director’s panel, I had the opportunity to speak with the forward-thinking Kathryn Ferguson about the importance of fashion films and the festival’s place within La Jolla. Kathryn served as a juror for LJFFF and has worked with brands such as Selfridges and Cholë, and musicians such as Lady Gaga and Sinead O’Conner.

“It’s wonderful! The La Jolla Fashion Film Festival is definitely the main presence of fashion film on the west coast of America. New York’s got a few film festivals, but I don’t think any of them are as established as this.”

“It is most important for filmmakers to get to see their work, normally commissioned for the internet, to actually see it big scale and in HD on an amazing screen,” says Kathryn. “I think that’s hugely satisfying for any filmmaker to see their work as it’s meant to be shown.”

La Jolla Fashion Film Festival
Not only were filmmakers able to see their hard work put on the big screen – all entries that were screened at the festival were nominated for the International Fashion Film Awards. Award announcements were done ceremony style throughout Sunday night, woven in between more screenings of films.

Perhaps the most impressive film was Free People’s “Roshambo” featuring HBO Girls’ Christopher Abbott. The film swept the awards, taking Best Picture, Best Actress (Sheila Marquez), and Best Director (Guy Aroch and Jonathan Doe)!

“It was a super special project because it was very organic. Every single person who took part in it, contributed,” says Lauren Cohan, writer of “Roshambo” and Artistic Director for Free People.

Director Guy Aroch also felt a lot of love and teamwork were the driving forces behind the success of the film. Shy by nature, Guy humbly spoke of their wins: “At the end of the day I can be the name on here, but it’s about people like my agent, my co-directors, my DP, Lauren who wrote the whole story, and the ability to work with a lot of love and work with people who really care. It’s all about caring. It really is.”

This was model, Sheila Marquez’s, first experience in acting – and with this honor of Best Actress, it may not be her last! Watch the incredible chemistry between Sheila and Christopher in “Roshambo”, and you will see why love was the center theme of the film.

Complete list of winner can be found on LJFFF’s Facebook page.

La Jolla Fashion Film Festival 2013 Highlights

La Jolla Fashion Film Festival
In its fourth year, the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival once again took over the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego in La Jolla on July 26-27, and transformed it into a mini fashion week reserved for the fashion industry and fashion film enthusiasts. This is my second year attending the festival, and I can honestly say that LJFFF did not disappoint. Truly one of San Diego’s best kept secrets, the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival welcomes and honors fashion film entries from around the world. Most of those I spoke with were visitors from as far as Estonia and as close as LA.

What makes this festival truly unique is the friendliness of the staff and access to filmmakers, producers, stylists, models, designers, photographers – you name it! The networking is incredible, and if you’re an aspiring filmmaker, it is truly mind blowing to be able to speak with someone who has worked with huge brands such as Free People and Vogue.

La Jolla Fashion Film Festival
Day One had festival attendees networking at Scripps Park, followed by an acceleration workshop at MCASD’s theater. Following the workshop was a retrospective of films by Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld. Every year, a Karl Lagerfeld film has been submitted into the festival, but this year LJFFF honored the fashion great through a community screening of four of Lagerfeld’s films. Gorgeous beyond all reason, many attendees (including myself) felt awed by the narratives combined with beautiful fashion.

As the evening progressed, the real fun began as it was time for more networking and photos on the red carpet. I met with the fabulously dressed stylist, Tiffany La Vonne who had heard about the festival from LJFFF producer, Fred Sweet.

“I heard great reviews about the festival and I wanted to be a part of what’s happening in our industry,” says Tiffany of LJFFF. “I love that they’re supporting the arts. I think that’s amazing and I only see it getting bigger and better.”

Tiffany’s equally stylish friend, fashion blogger Joy Bullard of Trending LA, found La Jolla to be a beautiful setting for a fashion film festival: “It’s amazing. I love the beaches over here. It’s been a great vacay, I don’t want to leave!”

The night concluded with the screenings of nominated fashion films for the International Fashion Film Awards. One of the films that stood out in my mind was “Jenissei – Restless Heritage”. Produced by German based Johannes-Christian Michel and Marco Pastuovic, the film displays beautiful cinematography of both landscapes and fashion… and majestic birds! Check out their film and watch their amazing work for yourself. You will be in as much awe as I was.

La Jolla Gets Ready For The Annual La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

The annual La Jolla Fashion Film Festival is hitting town this weekend so get ready for two nights full of glamour, posh, and fun at one of the most prestigious fashion film festivals in the world. The La Jolla Fashion Film Festival is the worlds largest gathering of fashion film makers. It is also the first international fashion film festival founded in North America. The festival kicks off with an opening reception Thursday night, screenings of films on Friday, and awards & after parties held on Saturday. Click here if you’re attending the event and are in need of accommodations in La Jolla.

Be on the lookout as we bring you coverage from the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, where most of the screenings will be held. This year the festival will be showcasing a Karl Lagerfeld film series, titled “Retrospective“. As one of the worlds most iconic and biggest innovators in the fashion industry, the German fashion designer is currently the Creative Director for the house of Chanel and Fendi. Lagerfelds’ film, Retrospective, is a collection of 4 unique films from the King of Fashion himself. The 4 films, Paris-Moscou, Remember Now, Tale of a Fairy, and Once Upon a Time revolve around the world of Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.

Stay tuned as we bring you coverage of all the days activities and highlights reported by our fashion correspondent, Eileen Doniego de France. To purchase tickets and to find out more information, please visit them at