La Jolla Shores’ Picturesque Lifeguard Tower

La Jolla Shores Lifeguard New Tower

If you’ve been down to La Jolla Shores within the past year or two, you may have noticed the La Jolla Shores lifeguard tower gracing the beach. RNT Architects, the same firm that redesigned the Japanese Friendship Garden, handled the project along with design collaborator Hector M. Perez. Even though the project was finished in May of 2013, most people don’t know the unseen consideration that went into the project to make it the perfect fit with the community’s environmental and personality needs.  Continue reading

Union Tribune Takes Over La Jolla Community News

The corporate entity Union Tribune has recently bought up many local community newspapers, including a La Jolla community news source the La Jolla Light.

What do you think of this new acquisition?

La Jolla Community Issues – Freeway Access

At last Thursday’s Village Merchant’s Association meeting, a rather alarming point came up: in the event of natural disaster (ie. Earthquake, Tsunami) in La Jolla, road access to higher and safer ground is almost non-existent. Anybody who leaves work after 3 p.m. will testify to the sea of cars migrating slowly up Torrey Pines Road towards the 5 and the 52. The only people who stand a chance of getting away are those with motorbikes, Smart Cars, bicycles and sturdy running sneakers.

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La Jolla Community Issues – The Seals At Children’s Pool

The debate over whether or not the seals at Children’s Pool are welcome continues every year. It’s a community issue that gets everyone talking and inevitably ruffles a few feathers. On one hand they bring in thousands of tourists annually, which translate into thousands of dollars spent at vendors around the village, in addition to beautifying the coast here. On the other, they hog the beach, smell bad and use the swimming area like a festival port-a-potty – which makes swimming in an area that was originally intended for people a health hazard. Both sides have valid points and hold water.

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