Getting Your Coffee Fix in La Jolla

It might be a bit rainy this weekend, but don’t worry, there’s always a good cup of coffee to keep you warm. Here are just some of our favorite spots.

Brick & Bell: 
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The Brick & Bell Cafe is housed in a 100-year old red rustic brick house along Siverado Street, and has been a favorite hangout spot since 2003. A few perks to Brick & Bell include their famous scones (which they serve up to 1,000 per day), their early bird-friendliness (they open at 4am on weekdays), their casual and friendly atmosphere, and their tasty and affordable cup of Joe! No wonder it’s a town favorite!

Girard Gourmet:

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Girard Gourmet is a La Jolla bakery, deli and restaurant serving up freshness for breakfast, lunch and dinner- and they just recently celebrated their 30th year of being in business! This is the perfect spot to grab a fresh pastry, and enjoy a warm cup of coffee. Open daily at 7am, Girard Gourmet. Located on Girard Avenue in La Jolla village, Girard Gourmet is also a catering favorite for La Jolla residents and businesses.
Harry’s Coffee Shop:
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Harry’s coffee shop has been making visitors and coffee lovers happy since 1960. This Coffee Shop was the brainchild of Harry Rudolph and has been in the Rudolph family for more than 60 years. In addition to the delicious food and coffee, the unique collection of paintings and comfortable booths will put a smile on your face, guaranteed! Grab a friend, and go on down to Harry’s!
Goldfish Point Cafe:
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Coffee AND a view? Say no more – we’re in! Goldfish Point Cafe overlooking La Jolla Cove and the La Jolla caves offers a variety of specialty coffee drinks and pastries. Grab a cup, and hit the beach. Or if you prefer sandwiches and box lunches, the offer that as well. Goldfish Point Cafe in La Jolla delivers to La Jolla businesses, La Jolla hotels and La Jolla residences daily from 8am-3pm.

Top 5 Coffee Shops in La Jolla

To be a successful coffee shop, you need strong coffee, good pastries and treats, and a great ambience. If you’re looking for a place to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and a great book, catch up with an old friend, or if you’re a student get some studying done, it is important to know which coffee shops are great to try in the La Jolla area.
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For a great place to catch up with friends and enjoy a quick coffee and a treat, Brick & Bell is a favorite amongst La Jolla residents. Brick & Bell’s caring staff bakes delicious scones, cookies, pastries, and everything else you can imagine. It has homemade soups and sandwiches that you can pick up for a quick bite to go and it also makes a killer chocolate mocha.

Pannikin Coffee & Tea is not only good for breakfast as mentioned here, it is a great place to get a large coffee and knock out some studying. For the students out there, the quiet and cozy atmosphere, perfect during the winter, keeps you toasty and comfortable while providing enough space in the back tables for you to stretch out and lay out all the books you need. Post up in the corner with yours books and order a nice Chai tea. Enjoy.

The Living Room Café has great options if you’re looking for a heartier coffee snack. Both a place for studying and catching up, the Living Room is always crowded with a variety of people. You can enjoy foods from chocolate nutella croissants to delicious sandwiches like the California and Baba Ghanooj with toasted pita. Top it all off with a cool frappe or freeze in the summer heat.
If you want to venture down to Bird Rock, visit Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. It recently won 2012’s Roaster of the Year award for its’ awesome coffee. It has been said to be the perfect hipster hangout and spot for those who really care about the quality of the coffee they’re drinking. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters takes pride in its’ roasts, just what you want from your coffee house. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, then Bird Rock Coffee is a must.
Although you wouldn’t expect this restaurant to be considered one of the top coffee shops, Girard Gourmet has amazing pastries making it one of the best places to pick up your morning pastry and a coffee. It has a comfortable atmosphere and the ability to sit outside, so it’s definitely a fun place to go and take your time enjoying your morning coffee outdoors.

Which coffee shop is your favorite to go to? Are there any others that we’ve missed? Tell us below in a comment.

Plan a Girl’s Day Out Shopping in La Jolla

Between work and your job as a mother and wife, you may easily become stressed and overwhelmed with your responsibilities.  One of the best ways to help relieve stress is to gather some of your close girlfriends and spend a day out in La Jolla.  Not only is this a great opportunity to catch up with old friends, it is the perfect way to enjoy a well deserved day off.

In addition to beautiful views of the water, La Jolla is filled with mouth watering restaurants specializing in cuisines from around the world.  With options including seafood, Italian, Mexican, French and more, you are sure to find the perfect La Jolla restaurant to host your girl’s day gathering.  For those looking for a more casual spot to spend the day, there are many small bakeries and coffee shops throughout the area.

La Jolla also offers a unique downtown area perfect for shopping.  Different from your typical strip mall, downtown La Jolla offers an outdoor experience, as well as a range of stores including high end clothing boutiques, vintage shops, and jewelry and antique stores. La Jolla shopping is sure to please everyone in your group and is a fun way to unwind after a long week.

No girl’s day is complete without a bit of pampering.  Make an appointment to get your nails, hair or makeup done together.  Indulging in these treatments is relaxing and gives you and your friends a chance to talk while renewing your personal style.  There are also many full service day spas in La Jolla that offer hair and nail services in addition to massage and facial options.  When planning your girl’s day, call the spa ahead of time and inquire about their group rates or packages.

For more information about the restaurants, shops, day spas or beauty salons in La Jolla, browse through our directory.  Our listings are the perfect place to start when planning your girl’s day out.