Choosing a Hair Salon in La Jolla

Whether you are new to the La Jolla area or are just looking to change your hairstyle, choosing a hair salon can be a difficult task.  Finding the right salon with a stylist you like and that also falls within your budget may take a few trips to different salons.  However, with the variety of hair salons in La Jolla that offer a wide range of services, you are sure to find the salon that meets your hair cutting and styling needs.

From thin hair to curly locks, the area’s chic and stylish salons tailor their services to each guest, creating the perfect style for each individual.  In addition to haircuts, La Jolla’s salon specialties include color dyes and highlights, weaves and extensions, as well as permanent waves.  Semi permanent straightening such as Keratin smoothing treatments or Brazilian blowouts are also popular services offered.

Salons commonly provide stylists of different skill levels that provide haircuts and other treatments at varying prices to accommodate almost any budget.  For an upcoming event or celebration, salon goers can book appointments with stylists to create elegant up-dos or long, curled and wavy styles.  Beauty services offered by these salons also include professional make-up services to complete a look for a night out on the town or for a special event.

In addition to the hotels in La Jolla with full service salons inside, there are a few local hair salons that are a combination salon and spa.  Here, guests are invited to relax with a hair treatment and also enjoy a list of spa treatments such as facials or massages.  These locations are ideal for special events, birthday celebrations or bridal parties, where large groups are easily accommodated and there is a hair or spa treatment for each guest to enjoy.

If you are unsure of what salon to visit, use our directory of La Jolla hair salons to help you choose the salon that matches your personal style.  Whether you prefer a classic or a contemporary cut, select the salon that is ideal for you.

The Great La Jolla Hair Salon Hunt

Most of us have been on the hunt for the perfect hair salon at one time or another. And, if you’re anything like us, you’ve tried many different salons from the highest of the high end to walk-ins that have you in and out in 10 minutes.

Even if your hair turns out very similar no matter where you go, the experience in the chair can vary greatly. One salon might give the perfect blow dry for 45 minutes and another might send you on your way with your hair still dripping wet!

Trust your gut… we know within the first 2 minutes of sitting down in a salon chair how our hair will turn out in the end. If the stylist really takes the time to talk to us and find out more about our hair texture and normal styling routine, we know she’ll give us a personal cut and style that works – not just something fast and generic. We can recall a few times where a quarter of an inch requested trim turned into 5-plus inches of hair falling to the ground too fast to stop it!

In spite of several “interesting” experiences in other communities, we have to admit that we are pretty impressed with the hair salons in La Jolla. If you’re looking for a great cut or style, give a salon in La Jolla a try – we think you’ll be as impressed as we’ve been.

As always, you can find a local salon and spa in our directory which covers all your beauty needs. If you do, be sure to let us know about your experience so we can share it with our readers!