Devil’s Slide and Dead Man’s Leap: A Slice of Historic La Jolla

The original “Devil’s Slide” Footbridge

If you descend the Coast Walk Trail (from Prospect) above the La Jolla Caves, you’ll spot a small, quaint white bridge that spans a deep gulch in a tall patch of Arrundanaria cane. This bridge, though unassuming, has actually been there since the mid-1930s and boasts a rather ominous name: Devil’s Slide; although it looked quite a bit different a hundred years ago. As with much of La Jolla’s past, the bridge has a connection to the caves below – and a bit of folklore to go along with it.  Continue reading

6 Little Known Facts About La Jolla

little known facts about la jolla

La Jolla is one of Southern California’s most interesting neighborhoods. Though widely known as the birthplace and residence of several celebrities (and, of course, for its many beautiful beaches), there are a few other interesting things you may not have heard about yet. This seaside community has a storied past, a unique history, and a personality all its own; test your knowledge with these six little known facts about La Jolla.  Continue reading