Inside Look: Home Automation with Mark Snyder Electric

Imagine a world where your home was as intelligent as your cellphone; where it could inform you that someone was breaking in, or that your garage door was closing when children were in the driveway and you were in the backyard. Imagine seeing real-time footage of your bedroom and garage on your smartphone screen – from anywhere in the world – and being able to control the temperature inside your home so it’s comfortable when you arrive. Imagine being able to go on a relaxing vacation without the added stress of wondering “Did I leave my garage door open? Or my front door unlocked?”

insteon_ledeThe experts at Mark Snyder Electric and Insteon have already partnered up to begin manufacturing that kind of intelligence for everyday homeowners. They’ve installed countless numbers of home automation systems, and have created specific programs for specific requests; needless to say, they’ve left no stone unturned in the programming world. The Blue Book sat down for a few minutes with Mark Snyder’s Business Development Manager, Kim Adelman, to discuss the benefits of their newest venture in home automation services.

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