Enhance Your Next Event with Catering from Restaurants in La Jolla

Although the holiday parties have come and gone, there are still plenty of reasons to gather friends and family to celebrate the New Year.  If you are planning a party or event, consider hiring professional La Jolla caterers.  While many people consider using a caterer to throw their party, the option is often dismissed because it seems too expensive.  However, there are countless restaurants in La Jolla that offer local catering services to fit any budget.

For large receptions or wedding celebrations, hiring a catering service not only ensures you have a great selection of food at your event, but allows you to enjoy your event more.  Many catering companies provide a full menu as well as a wait staff, tables, chairs, linens, flowers and decorations.  Knowing there are professionals taking care of your party allows you to relax and spend time with your friends, family and guests.

Restaurants in La Jolla, or local catering services, are also a great option for work and fundraising events.  Individuals who host these events often need to provide food for a large amount of people.  By planning your dining options with a professional caterer, you can guarantee there will be enough food for each of your guests.  You also have the ability to customize your event.  For example, you may opt to just serve appetizers during cocktail hour or to have a buffet line instead of a more formal sit-down meal.

If you are throwing a smaller dinner party at home, hiring a La Jolla caterer can help add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your event.  By working with the caterer to create a menu and choosing foods that compliment the theme of your party, you will be able to offer your guests a memorable and personalized dining experience.  Furthermore, you and your guests can enjoy the quality of restaurant food from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are looking to cater a large wedding reception at one of the premier La Jolla hotels or are hosting a small dinner party at home, there is an option to meet your personal catering needs.  Check out our La Jolla catering directory and start planning your next party or event today.

7 Factors to Consider when Booking a Hotel in La Jolla

With its close proximity to the downtown business district and beautiful beaches, La Jolla is a frequented destination for both business travelers and vacationers.  Before you make the trip to La Jolla, you must choose a hotel that will meet your personal travel needs.  When researching the hotels in La Jolla, here are 7 items visitors should consider to help reduce costs and maximize comfort:

  1. Price – Accommodations in La Jolla provide visitors with a large range of prices.  The kind of experience you are looking for will definitely affect your end decision.  Choose a hotel that you will feel comfortable with, at a price that leaves enough room in your budget for attractions, shopping and dining.
  2. Parking – If you are traveling to La Jolla by car, contact your hotel and see if they provide parking for guests.  Parking fees can be rather expensive and if you are staying for an extended period of time, it can add up quickly.  You also want to consider how secure the parking area is.
  3. Extra Fees – In addition to parking, hotels sometimes charge for certain amenities.  For instance, if you are traveling on business and Wi-Fi is critical to complete your work, see if Wi-Fi is included in your rate or if you will be charged hourly or daily.
  4. Onsite Facilities – For many travelers, onsite facilities provide additional convenience.  Many hotels have a pool and a restaurant or cocktail lounge.  For a more luxurious stay, you may be in search of other offerings such as a day spa or golf course.  Some smaller hotels may work with offsite day spas in La Jolla and offer promotional packages that are available upon request.
  5. Family Friendliness – If traveling with smaller children, you may require additional items to accommodate them.  Basic necessities may include cribs, refrigerators, recreational areas, or day care facilities.  Also ask the concierge about discounted meals or discounted tickets for local attractions and theme parks.
  6. Pet Friendliness – Not only does the hotel you choose need to accept pets, inquire about extra charges, weight limitations and possible cleaning fees.  For travel with dogs, it is important to choose a hotel with a park or places to walk your dog nearby.
  7. Reviews – Checking online reviews can help you make a decision with confidence.  There are a variety of websites that are dedicated to hotel reviews, allowing future guests to read about recent experiences from customers.  This provides you with updated knowledge and gives you a feel for what you can expect upon arrival, during your stay and at checkout.

For more information about La Jolla hotels, use our hotel directory.  We provide contact information, online addresses, maps and directions to help you choose the accommodations that will enhance your travel experience.

La Jolla Hotels Provide the Ideal Accommodations for your Family Vacation

Known for its luxury real estate, upscale restaurants and classy beach community, La Jolla is the perfect vacation destination.  Home to numerous La Jolla Hotels with accommodations for your entire family, there are a variety of activities and entertainment options in the town itself and in nearby surrounding areas.

La Jolla Shores is one of the most family oriented beaches in San Diego.  The gentle waters of the area make it the ideal location for children to go swimming, boogie boarding or surfing.  Various shops along the shore also rent scuba and snorkeling gear.  Visitors can sign up for lessons or participate in guided tours along the shore and observe the native marine life.  One of the other unique features of La Jolla Shores is the large grassy areas just north of the beaches.  Although the area is ideal for picnicking, there are also a variety of casual La Jolla restaurants within walking distance.

Birch Aquarium is another option for vacationing families.  The aquarium highlights exhibits that mimic over 60 marine habitats, showcasing a spectrum of marine life from sharks to seahorses.  If you are planning a visit to the Birch Aquarium, we recommend that you visit their website.  They often offer discount tickets if you purchase online and you can check their calendar to see if there are any seasonal exhibits or educational programs taking place during your visit.

La Jolla is also in close proximity to popular theme parks.  Whether viewing the more than 4,000 animals at the San Diego Zoo or watching a live show featuring Shamu at Sea World, both parks offer a variety of exhibits and entertainment for individuals of all ages.  Legoland is another family theme park providing a full day of fun.  With rides, shows and a water park revolving around Legos, the park offers families a theme park experience unlike any other.

When you book your reservation at a hotel in La Jolla, be sure to ask about the hotel’s family friendly amenities.  Many hotels offer multi-room suites to accommodate large families and provide cribs or roll away beds.  Swimming pools, wireless internet and on site restaurants are other popular amenities that can add convenience and comfort to your family vacation.  Search our directory of La Jolla hotels and find the one that is right for you and your family.