Reasons Why You Should Clean this Winter

Photo Credit: livesimplylivethriftylivesavvy.comSpring cleaning is overrated- now is the time for winter cleaning! Winter is a time when La Jollans tend to have more guests over, host more parties and in general, spend more time indoors. This is why fall and winter cleaning have begun to take precedence over the well-known “spring cleaning” tradition.

Thoroughly cleaning your La Jolla home once a year simply won’t do and even worse, the build-up of dust and dirt can lead to allergies and illness. A deep clean in December might be just what the doctor ordered, so hire on some help if necessary and get out that vacuum!
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Home Cleaning Tips for Holiday Gatherings

Photo Credit: ivillage.comDo you have family coming in for the holidays? Now is the time to do a little winter cleaning, crafting and repairing. You know that leaky faucet that you’ve been meaning to fix or that box of clothes just waiting to be donated? Don’t wait any longer, call a La Jolla plumber and donate used goods to a charity to get the ball rolling. Continue reading