Wellness Week in Encinitas Jan. 25-Feb. 1

Yoga woman relaxing by seaHow are your health and fitness New Year’s resolutions holding up? Now is a great time to check in on your progress, goals and an excuse to visit Encinitas. Experience and learn more about ways to improve your mental, physical and spiritual health at Wellness Week presented by Encinitas 101 MainStreet Association. The week-long event will feature programs and special offers on classes, food and more.
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How To Stand Up Paddle Board In La Jolla

Stand Up Paddle-Boarding, or SUP’ing as it’s commonly referred to, is one of the fastest growing beach sports around the world. In a nutshell, it combines the stability and user-friendly qualities of canoeing with the freedom and accessibility of surfing. It’s fun, easy to get into and a great workout – you’ll find yourself using core muscles you didn’t know existed. The warm water and striking backdrops of La Jolla’s beaches are also ideal for getting your first taste of it, which is why you see more and more people paddling around the cove every day.

To find out more about where, how and why you should try it, we spoke with Chris Lynch of Everydaycalifornia.com.

How To Begin

The large, buoyant boards are stable enough for novices to paddle around in flat water, where they can learn the ropes without endangering themselves or others. The easiest way to start is on your knees – use the paddle (oar) to propel yourself forwards, backwards and in circles. Once you’ve mastered this, try standing up with your feet together or in a traditional surfing stance and doing the same thing.

We asked Chris where people who’ve never set foot on a board should start. “For beginner paddle boarders, we always recommend Mission Bay. We’re not making anything out of it, but if you are a 100% beginner it’s safe to try the Bay. If you’re comfortable in the water and want to go one step up, the cove is great. We’ll often be out in La Jolla and it’ll be completely flat – which is perfect.

How Difficult Is It?

Stand up paddle boarding for me is one of those things that you can learn on your own, Chris says. “I’d recommend a surfing SUP lesson to anybody, but a touring SUP you can rent. With a little bit of paddling and some practice, you can be up in no time. We actually don’t rent our boards out to be surfed – they’re meant as touring boards, like the big 12 footers for paddling in the cove.”

Very Important: Do not go into a crowded swimming or surfing area if you’re not experienced on an SUP or under the supervision of an instructor. You’ll be putting yourself and others at risk if you lose control of the board. While you’re still getting things dialed it will be far less stressful for you and everyone else in the water.

Go straight out into the open water (where it’s flat) first and learn there. Figure it out and get your balance there. Don’t surf the board. Get a handle on it first – even before you buy one.

Where To Go:


We recommend the same route that we follow kayaking, we recommend SUP’s to follow, Christ explains. “Go down the coastline to the caves (you can’t go inside the caves), but that loop in the cove is amazing. You can Stand Up Paddleboard right over the leopard sharks, right by the sea lions and the caves. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world and it’s right here.

Where It Began

Although it’s a relatively new contemporary sport, Stand Up Paddle-boarding was born in Hawaii during the nineteen fifties and sixties, after the Second World War ended. Tourism took off across the islands – Waikiki Beach was the main place people could learn to surf. The locals, known as ‘Beach Boys’ would work as surf instructors to the haoles (tourists) who naturally wanted pictures of themselves doing it for bragging rights when they got home. By standing up and using an outrigger paddle to steer their redwood boards, the ‘Beach Boys’ could take snapshots of the holiday makers riding a wave and then charge them for the service. The style of surfing with a paddle became known as ‘Beach Boy Surfing’, which is what we call Stand Up Paddle-Boarding today.

La Jolla Yoga Studios Contribute to the Growing Fitness Trend

This year’s annual Yoga Journal Conference featured over thirty master teachers who hosted more than 100 classes.  The calming waters and the mild climate of San Diego, California offered the ideal backdrop for the conference.  However, the strong yoga community of local beach towns may have been more of a driving factor for the conference’s location.  In comparison to other areas in California, La Jolla yoga studios as well as studios in neighboring areas such as Encinitas have experienced some of the strongest growth in the yoga movement, especially in the past few years.

Studies report that there were 10 million “yogis” in the United States who practiced on a consistent basis in 2007.  In 2011, it was reported that the number had dramatically risen to 14.5 million, a 45% increase.  The strongest practicing region of yoga is the Pacific Mountain, with California experiencing the largest concentration.  For San Diego in particular, many studios and longtime yogis in coastal communities have seen the awareness of the sport shift to a dramatic growth in participation and in the industry itself.

Along with the increase in participation, yoga has become a fashion conscious sport.  While some attribute this to a high celebrity involvement, yoga has ultimately created a new lifestyle with its own fashion market.  There has been extreme and continued growth in sales for companies that specialize in yoga related fashions.  Next time you are shopping in La Jolla, stop at Lululemon Athletica or Lucky Activewear, popular yoga specialty stores offering the latest yoga apparel and trendy accessories.

La Jolla is home to dozens of yoga studios that emphasize the health benefits as well as the calming effects of yoga exercises.  With a variety of types and styles highlighting multiple techniques, there is a yoga class to suit your skill level and individual needs.  Additionally, Yoga studios in La Jolla usually provide a variety of experienced and professional teachers and classes throughout the day to fit your personal schedule.  If you are looking to begin practicing yoga, many studios offer introductory courses for a complimentary or low price to provide comfort and one-on-one assistance.

Are Day Spas in La Jolla Shifting Toward the Hybrid Spa Trend?

When planning a day at the spa, you envision a calm and relaxing environment with a menu of services ranging from facial treatments to deep tissue massages.  What if, in addition to your facial peel, you could take a yoga class or receive a health checkup from a medical professional? The new trend in day spas is shifting toward hybrid spas, where your typical day spa in La Jolla merges with your personal exercise, health and wellness regime.

The hybrid spa allows its guests to receive the pampering they crave while also supplying a comprehensive health and wellness experience, specifically tailored to each individual.  As opposed to running around town for your La Jolla beauty and wellness services, hybrid spas use a “you-name-it” model.  Members can visit one location and receive whatever professional or medical treatment they desire.

There is also a social aspect to hybrid spas; designed to act as a meeting place for individuals interested in living a healthy lifestyle.  Hybrid spas are designed to serve as live forums allowing members to discuss different activities and spa services, utilizing others for feedback and recommendations.   Workshops, nutrition programs and fitness classes are also available, allowing hybrid spa members to interact and speak with professionals.

Although many of these hybrid spas have been erected outside of the United States, interest and popularity is growing rapidly.  Currently in Los Angeles, there are a few day spas that have transformed into hybrid spas, integrating yoga and fitness classes, acupuncture, nutrition, and fertility programs around the core spa model.  A handful of resorts are also considering offering these comprehensive spa services to their clients and vacationers who in search of a retreat and looking for more than a single day of rejuvenation.

A majority of La Jolla day spas are pure locations, offering standard spa treatments and not yet offering the additional services of hybrid spas.  However, the next time you visit your day spa for your relaxing facial treatment, don’t be surprised if a fitness class has been added to the services list.