Girard Gourmet Celebrates 30th Magnificent Years

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Girard Gourmet is a La Jolla landmark celebrating their 30th anniversary. Admired and frequented by locals and tourists alike, Girard’s has been providing its customer’s farm-to-table dining before farm-to-table even became popular. Girard Gourmet’s catchphrase “From Our Garden to Your Plate” builds on a European tradition that Francois and Diana rely on to ensure quality meals and satisfied diners.

Girard’s cooks and bakes delightful meals that tempt and satisfy even the finest palate. The café prides itself on growing many of the fruits and vegetables they serve from their organic garden. Affectionately known as Corgi Castle, the mountainside garden where the cafe and deli’s fresh fruit and vegetables are grown is located just outside historical Julian, located some 60 miles from La Jolla.

Upon visiting Girard Gourmet, you might happen to observe Francois arriving with a basket of fresh picked heirloom tomatoes or maybe even a bushel of the best peaches you have ever set your eyes on or sank your teeth in.

Francois grew up on a small Belgian farm. As a young lad, he attended a pastry school in Antwerp for five years and also worked as a baker in Brussels and Switzerland. His experience is unmatched and diners need only taste the food at Girard’s to agree.

In 1968, Francois moved to the United States to work at the Belgium Pavilion at the San Antonio World’s Fair in Texas. From there, he headed east to Houston where he owned both a restaurant and a bakery. In 1987, luck good fortune brought him to San Diego where he and his wife Diana began serving their incredible food to La Jolla natives and visitors on a daily basis at Girard Gourmet.

You can find Francois and his wife (and co-owner) Diana at Girard Gourmet each and every day. They delight in creating healthy and tasty menu items replete with fresh and seasonal ingredients for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Over the years, Girard Gourmet has developed in new directions reflecting Francois and Diana’s commitment to healthy, authentic food and more than anything, satisfied customers. To this end, they have added designer cookies ( and organic produce from their farm in Julian where they recycle all the Girard Gourmet kitchen scraps.

Francois and Diana are 100% devoted to the La Jolla community. Along with their faithful and hardworking staff, they endeavor to welcome individuals, families and organizations to their unique cafe. In addition, Girard Gourmet will continue to be a home away from home for thousands of hungry tourists who visit La Jolla annually.

If you haven’t already enjoyed a fantastic meal and a great atmosphere at Girard’s, make it a point to amble over and help them celebrate 30 years of exceptional healthy food and great service.

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Photo credit: @calxcape

Photo credit: @calxcape

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A Day At Girard Gourmet’s Secret Garden – Part 2

Last week we were treated to a day of excellent company during an enlightening tour of Corgi Castle, the slice of paradise where Girard Gourmet owner, Francois Goedhuys, grows the fruit and vegetables served at his establishment. There was more to this experience than great hospitality, though. Our afternoon culminated in a very special lunch cooked by our host’s good friend, Michel Stroot, a man who also happens to be the former Executive Chef at the ‘Golden Door’ for over 25 years, as well as a contributing chef for the Tomorrow Project.


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Girard Gourmet’s slogan “From Our Garden to Your Plate” took on a whole new meaning yesterday. We were treated to a very special tour of ‘Corgi Castle’, the mountainside property where the cafe and deli’s fresh fruit and vegetables are grown.

It’s located just outside Julian, a historical district 60 miles away from La Jolla, up in the hills – I’m sure some of you have probably tried the apple cider or pies, which is worth the hour and twenty minute drive alone. Although getting there doesn’t take all day, it feels like you’re covering a vast distance purely because of how the landscape, roads and weather changes. The parched hills are marked with boulders and pine-oak trees, which is a far stretch from the palmy shores of San Diego. There are definitive seasons, too, which serve as another stark contrast to conditions on the coastline; summer is hot and bright (no June Gloom to speak of), while winter has been known to bring a few inches of snow each year.

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