3 Benefits of Buying La Jolla Real Estate at the End of the Year

The end of the year serves as a great time for buyers to purchase a home.  Whether you are a renter looking to become a homeowner, are in search of a newly constructed home or need a larger home to accommodate your family, there is a home in the La Jolla real estate market to suit your needs.  Buyers who are looking to purchase near the end of the year enjoy a few benefits they may not have previously considered.

One of the major benefits of buying a home near the end of the year is the tax savings.  Homeowners who close on a newly purchased home by the 31st of December can deduct mortgage interest and interest costs connected with home equity loans in La Jolla.  Closing before the 31st also enables homeowners to deduct property taxes and points on their income tax return.  Making these deductions in the early years of a home loan when individuals are paying off high interest rates can be extremely beneficial in the long term.

Buyers who are looking to purchase a home that has recently been built can also look forward to incentives offered by builders.  Near the end of the year, builders typically want to close the homes they currently have listed on the market and will throw in extras or upgrades to motivate buyers such as granite counter tops, finished basements, and included or new appliances.  Small monetary incentives such as price reductions or offers to help pay for closing costs are also more common by builders at the end of the year.

Finally, it is simply easier to move near the end of the year.  With many homes being purchased during the summer months, many moving companies are booked weeks or months in advance.  If you are moving during the fall or winter season, it is easier to find a moving company that will fit your budget and particular time frame.

From first time home buyers to seasoned veterans, by purchasing real estate in La Jolla near the end of the year, buyers have the opportunity to reduce the overall cost of buying a home and later enjoy the town’s convenient central location, luxury shops and award-winning restaurants.

Real Estate in La Jolla Appeals to Many First Time Homebuyers

A common misconception of La Jolla real estate is that it is expensive and out of reach for average home buyers.  However, the area offers a variety of options and with the proper research and understanding of what you can afford, buyers can begin their La Jolla home search. The Real Estate in La Jolla offers prospective buyers a spectrum of choices from small quaint bungalows to luxurious resort-like mansions and price points that correspond accordingly.  Whether you are looking to buy a home because you’re in search of personal independence or need the additional space to start a family, La Jolla has something to suit your needs and budget.

It is important for prospective buyers to have a clear understanding of what their must-haves are, what can be compromised and what they can afford.  There are a few simple questions buyers can ask themselves to make sure they stay within a price range that will be comfortable, while still allowing them to purchase a home with the amenities they are looking for.

Here are a few simple questions you should ask yourself about the price of your first home:

  • What is the asking price of the house?
  • How much down payment do I need?
  • What would my monthly payment be?
  • What are the closing costs?
  • What are the homeowner fees?

By answering these questions and making sure you are comfortable with the answers, you can move toward purchasing your first home in the La Jolla real estate market with confidence.

Aside from the various styles and homes buyers can choose from, there are many other benefits to purchasing a home in La Jolla.  Positives include several top ranked La Jolla schools, stunning beaches and an eccentric downtown district offering a variety of restaurants and shops. Enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and convenient central location when you purchase a home in La Jolla. Search our local La Jolla real estate agent directory to find the perfect agent for you.