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screen696x696San Diegan’s are always on the go. There is so much to see and do in the greater San Diego area that one cannot possibly know all of the delightful places to eat, party or enjoy an adventure of a lifetime in La Jolla. We solved that for you with the “Find It La Jolla” app.

Have you downloaded and tried it yet? If not, you need to! The La Jolla iPhone and iPad app makes it a stress-free experience for visitors to get around this ever popular scenic part of San Diego. The free app provides instant access to information about local beaches, attractions, places to grab a bite to eat, art galleries, boutiques, hotels, events and considerably more.

Apple users will find they can locate the address, directions, phone number and website of any business listed in the print version of the La Jolla Blue Book, a directory just for the La Jolla community of greater San Diego. The delightful app also offers a user with various options such as sorting by distance or by relevance. This allows users to find the closest restaurant (from street stands to elegant restaurants) in La Jolla. Perhaps best of all is that a simple touch to the listed phone number, address, or website will instantly connect you with the business of your choice. Compare that with the hit and miss approach and the “Find It La Jolla” app is a no brainer to download and use.

Like all Apple apps, the app is available at the iTunes App Store. Search for either “La Jolla” or enter “Find It La Jolla.” Find It La Jolla is exclusively fixated on our sensational and world-renown coastal corner of the city. Visitors planning a trip to San Diego can always use our online version of the site, but for San Diegan’s and visitors on the go, the app is readily available.

The La Jolla Blue Book has been published each and every year since 1937. The directory includes white pages, yellow pages, up-to-date detailed maps, a comprehensive street listing, and blue pages with information regarding community organizations in La Jolla.

The Blue Book – whether you use the easy to maneuver app, the website, or the print version of the book – is your best resource for everything La Jolla. Make it easy on yourself and download the app, pick up a print copy, or simply visit us online.

Call us at 858-454-7939.  We would love to promote your local business on our diverse media brand.

Introducing the New Find It La Jolla App for Android

The Find It La Jolla app for Android is now available for FREE on the Play Store! Download it here and get started with the ultimate resource for everything about La Jolla in a convenient and easily accessible package.

What Will You Find on the App?

Everything you need to know about La Jolla is in the palm of your hand – from business listings to hiking information, weather forecasting, and various local tourist attractions like kayaking, paddle boarding, and trolley tours. Access our complete business catalog from one place and read the newest stories and features from our blog on a mobile-friendly, easy-to-access platform. Our new app is a great way to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s the hottest new bar or restaurant in town or a listing of the best schools for your child’s education.

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