Community Spotlight: Dedicated Real Estate Expert Patricia Denning

patricia denningPatricia Denning has been involved in real estate for over 25 years, and her experience encompasses nearly every aspect of the industry – from Broker to Risk Management, Patricia has truly done it all when it comes to real estate. It’s this versatility, along with a passion for helping people and doing what it takes to succeed, that has set Patricia apart in the industry for the last 25 years. We got the scoop on what’s changing in the market, how Patricia has maximized her clients’ sales, and the best time to buy.  Continue reading

Community Spotlight: Copy Cove Printing Celebrates 35 Years!

copy cove
Chances are, if you’ve ever attended school in La Jolla, private or public, you’ve come across Copy Cove’s work. They print everything from small and large copy jobs, to supplemental books for schools like Bishop’s, as well as personal and business stationery and invitations. This past April, Copy Cove celebrated their 35th anniversary serving the La Jolla community and Blue Book visited the shop to get to know the people who made this happen. Continue reading

Community Spotlight: Machado & Hu Accounting

machado & hu accountingTo many, accounting isn’t a personal endeavor; as largely a number-crunching business, most companies are concerned with just that: numbers and figures, and customer service occasionally goes by the wayside. That’s something Allee and Cybil of Machado & Hu Accounting in downtown La Jolla swore to change when they opened their own business just shy of a year ago. After ten years working in big-box corporate accounting together, they decided to branch off on their own and create a whole new type of company. Continue reading

Community Spotlight: Chris Dudley “Dishes” on What Sets Amerisat Apart

Establisheamerisatd locally and family-owned since its inception, Amerisat boasts an impressively experienced employee roster and prides itself on providing personalized service and superior products to a loyal fan base that only continues to grow with each year.

The Blue Book chatted with Chris Dudley, the son of original founder Robert, and got an inside look at what makes Amerisat different than its competitors.

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Community Spotlight: Sima Alefi, Empowering Women Through Investment Planning

sima alefi

Sima Alefi is a financial advisor and Vice President – Investments at Wells Fargo Advisors on Girard Avenue in La Jolla. Though she’s been in the financial industry a long time, her principles and reasons for doing what she does have remained the same: helping those who are in need of financial advice; assistance with planning, investing, and saving; and perhaps most significantly, providing a safe space for recently divorced women and newly single parents to come for all kinds of financial services and advice. The Blue Book sat down with Sima to learn a bit more about what she does, get some advice, and learn about her goals to continue empowering women both financially and economically.
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Community Spotlight: Everett Stunz

everett stunzEverett Stunz has been in business since 1963, when the original owners opened their doors on Prospect Street in La Jolla with a clear mission: to be San Diego’s premiere linen and bed store. And now, 52 years later, the store remains La Jolla and San Diego’s go-to for exquisite bed linens, high quality adjustable beds, soaps, organic detergents, and bath accessories. Enjoying more than fifty years of business is no small feat, so we took an exclusive look inside the store to see what makes Everett Stunz so unique.

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Community Spotlight: The History Room at the La Jolla Library

history_of_ath The La Jolla Riford Library has been around nearly as long as the village of La Jolla itself. It has changed locations and names a few times, but its endeavor has remained the same – to provide the community of La Jolla with free and easily accessible literature, history, and archived information. The Blue Book got the opportunity to speak with Susanne Hayase, a volunteer at the History Room in the Library, to check out the archives and learn a little bit more about the library’s background. 


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