5 Fair Foods To Try At The San Diego County Fair

The Blue Book got a chance to sample some of the newest & bizarre fair foods at this years San Diego County Fair, opening June 5. Here are five notable fair foods we sampled this week in no particular order.

1. Deep-Fried Starbucks®
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New Foods At The 2015 San Diego County Fair

The 2015 San Diego County Fair opens June 5, and a visit to the fair wouldn’t be complete without indulging in a sweet or deep fried concoction. Along with the usual fair favorites, Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls, and Tasti-Chips, Pork is gracing the menu boards at the 2015 San Diego County Fair. Check out what’s new this year:


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Top 5 New Fair Foods at 2014 San Diego County Fair

This year, the San Diego County Fair’s theme will be “The Fab Four,” meant to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ first visit to the US, which prompted the British Invasion in music as well as pop culture. La Jolla Blue Book got to experience a pre-opening media day, where we got to sample some of the new and exciting fair foods being offered at this year’s 2014 San Diego County Fair. Here is our top five (in no particular order) new fair foods to try this year:

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2012 San Diego County Fair | June 8th – July 4th

San Diego County Fair 2012 | Out of This World

The San Diego Fair has been a great summer attraction for locals and visitors alike for the past seventy-five years. This year we had the opportunity to attend Media Day at the San Diego County Fair. Ever go to the fair, see all the rows of food vendors, wonder how all the food tasted, but didn’t want to spend too much money or your calories for the day? Well, this event answered all those questions for this blogger. Every vendor was giving away free samples of their fare (pun intended) and some gave pretty generous portions. You were pretty much guaranteed to not go home hungry.

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When we entered, the first thing we saw was the infamous booth formerly known as the “Heart Attack Café”, now called “Bacon-A-Fair.” We tried a kabob that was Gouda-stuffed mushrooms wrapped in bacon. This place is a good option for the bacon lovers out there.

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Next, we hit up a Chicken Charlie spin-off booth called “Pineapple Express” which served up half-pineapples stuffed with teriyaki chicken, shrimp, rice and pineapple chunks. We liked the presentation but while it may look cool to walk around eating out of a half-pineapple, this little concoction will set you back $13.

We skipped Chicken Charlie’s itself due to the massive line, but they were serving up chicken kabobs and deep fried cereal. The cereal basically looked like a donut with either Trix or Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in the middle.

Next was the Fair mainstay, Australian Battered Potatoes. I tried these a few years ago and absolutely hated them. I figured a few years apart would mend our issues. They definitely tasted a lot better this time around but I wish the potatoes were cut a little thicker because all you really taste was the batter. My topping of choice was a combo of cheese & ranch but you can also have them with sweet chili and sour cream.

A stall I surprisingly loved, was a seafood vendor named “Pignotti’s” that was serving up fish tacos. The tacos were very flavorful and I came back for more.

Another stall I enjoyed was “Tasti Chips” which served fresh-cut potato chips smothered in a cheese-jalapeno-bacon sauce. These also taste great with just a little malt vinegar and salt! I’ve actually purchased chips from this vendor in the past and its a guilty pleasure I indulge in every year at the fair.

I also enjoyed the burgers at “Grantburger”, not the best burger I’ve ever had, but definitely Fair-worthy. For desserts, we got the totally radical cinnamon rolls from the cinnamon roll vendor (don’t recall the specific name) and some cookie dough on a stick from the Gingerbread Shop which was also good. They also had an Icee booth which served as my beverage option for the night.

The big new item at the Fair this year was the fresh Lobster. We waited in line for 20 minutes to get a couple bites. They didn’t have prices posted, but I can imagine this will be sold at “market price.” The lobster was being cooked in huge steamers and staff members would crack them open and serve bite-sized helpings.

The San Diego Fair will be open to the public starting June 8th to July 4th and closed on Mondays (except July 2). This years theme is “Out of this World”, explore outer space and the world of science fiction, visit the exhibit located at the main entrance. For a full schedule of events including the Toyota Summer Concert Series, entertainment, exhibits, contests, and tickets please visit, San Diego County Fair or contact them at,

2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd.
Del Mar, CA 92014

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