Are Day Spas in La Jolla Shifting Toward the Hybrid Spa Trend?

When planning a day at the spa, you envision a calm and relaxing environment with a menu of services ranging from facial treatments to deep tissue massages.  What if, in addition to your facial peel, you could take a yoga class or receive a health checkup from a medical professional? The new trend in day spas is shifting toward hybrid spas, where your typical day spa in La Jolla merges with your personal exercise, health and wellness regime.

The hybrid spa allows its guests to receive the pampering they crave while also supplying a comprehensive health and wellness experience, specifically tailored to each individual.  As opposed to running around town for your La Jolla beauty and wellness services, hybrid spas use a “you-name-it” model.  Members can visit one location and receive whatever professional or medical treatment they desire.

There is also a social aspect to hybrid spas; designed to act as a meeting place for individuals interested in living a healthy lifestyle.  Hybrid spas are designed to serve as live forums allowing members to discuss different activities and spa services, utilizing others for feedback and recommendations.   Workshops, nutrition programs and fitness classes are also available, allowing hybrid spa members to interact and speak with professionals.

Although many of these hybrid spas have been erected outside of the United States, interest and popularity is growing rapidly.  Currently in Los Angeles, there are a few day spas that have transformed into hybrid spas, integrating yoga and fitness classes, acupuncture, nutrition, and fertility programs around the core spa model.  A handful of resorts are also considering offering these comprehensive spa services to their clients and vacationers who in search of a retreat and looking for more than a single day of rejuvenation.

A majority of La Jolla day spas are pure locations, offering standard spa treatments and not yet offering the additional services of hybrid spas.  However, the next time you visit your day spa for your relaxing facial treatment, don’t be surprised if a fitness class has been added to the services list.

Hair Shape | La Jolla Hair Salon

La Jolla Blue Book presents our latest “Quiet on the Set” video featuring Hair Shape.

A quaint boutique hair salon in La Jolla, Hair Shape features non-toxic permanent and semi-permanent hair color.

Master Colorist Cassy DaSilva and her staff at Hair Shape on Fay Avenue are educated, experienced hair stylists. Hair Shape gives you an individualized hair experience like any other salon. Their dedicated and professional artists use your facial features, bone structure and skin color to give you the haircut and coloring that suits you best.

Hair Shape uses the highest quality and non-toxic products to maintain the integrity of your hair. Permanent hair color can cause a lot of damage to your hair especially if you color your hair frequently and can lead to breakage and possible hair loss. However, there are alternatives such as master hair colorist Brian Einfeld’s non-toxic hair coloring system. His safe non-toxic formula is made from plant based materials and is chemical free.

Cassy DaSilva is a master colorist and hair stylist with over twenty years experience. Cassy was trained privately under a Pivot Point Academy instructor and trained to be a Framesi colorist in New York. She uses her artistic and professional knowledge to bring out the natural beauty of each client by using color techniques and the client’s unique features. Cassy is also the owner and personal trainer at Core Shape in La Jolla.

For a free consultation or to learn more, please visit Hair Shape or contact them at,

7660 Fay Av Ste B
La Jolla, CA 92037

For more information about Hair Salons in La Jolla please visit our Beauty Salons and Services Guide.