Girard Gourmet: The Quest for Sustainability & Unparalleled Freshness

Girard GourmetGirard Gourmet has been an institution in the Village of La Jolla for almost thirty years, and its success is due in no small part to owners Diana and Francois Goedhuys, heart of the brainpower behind the small operation since its inception in 1988. The idea of a fully sustainable bakery and restaurant was largely Francois’ vision – from the small town in Belgium where he grew up to the bustling streets of San Diego, he has maintained one vital conviction: developing food that is organic, fresh, and handmade. Continue reading

Irish-Inspired Sugar & Scribe Bakery Brings a Sweeter Side to La Jolla

Sugar & Scribe Bakery has been on the San Diego sweets scene since Maeve Rochford opened her doors in Pacific Beach four years ago. Inspired by a deep-seated fondness for her Irish heritage and a long love affair with the art of cooking, Maeve’s new endeavor is everything a bakery should be: comfortable, cozy, and most importantly, the perfect venue for cooking up delectable treats. Continue reading