Sur La Table Opens A Store In La Jolla

At long last, ‘Sur La Table’ has a store on Girard Street, in the heart of La Jolla. The Grand Opening took place this morning with resident chef, Andrew Young, preparing smoothies and breakfast treats for guests taking their first look at the new venue.

As anyone who’s been to the Fashion Valley or Carlsbad store knows, Sur La Table is the culinary equivalent of a Ferrari dealership, stocking its shelves with rare and fine cooking utensils, electrical appliances and ingredients. At just over 6750 square feet, it’s easy to lose yourself browsing, imagining the fantastic food you’ll make when you get home. Like the other Sur La Table venues, the store has a fully operational kitchen, where Chef Andrew and his team of assistants will be giving lessons and demos for aspiring chefs and novices alike.

Cooking classes will be open to the general public starting on September 7 and lessons will range from a basic introduction to cooking, all the way to mastering French cuisine, grilling seafood perfectly, baking deserts and making meals for busy cooks. There will also be guest chefs dropping by to showcase seasonal and regional specialties. For all the dates, time and to make inquiries about attending classes, go to

cooking classes schedule

In addition to the classes and items on sale, you can also register for weddings and gifts at Sur La Table, either by going there personally (which is pretty fun) or accessing their registry online.

The first ‘Sur La Table’ opened in Seattle just over forty years ago with a mission to offer specialized cooking experience; their slogan ‘The Art and Soul’ of cooking couldn’t be more apt. Over the years the franchise has gone from strength to strength, spreading around the country. The La Jolla venue has a range of Halloween items in stock at the moment, just in time for the busy month of October.

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