Summer Sleepovers in Wild Locations

Calling all animal lovers! The summer is winding to a close and parents, you only have about a month left with your kids. If you want to end the summer with a bang and leave your kids with a night that they’ll never forget, consider one of these fun, informative and unique sleepovers.

The San Diego Zoo offers sleepovers where you can actually spend the night at the zoo. There are multiple themes: Carnivore Campout, which highlights the meat eaters of the zoo and is for young kids ages 4 and older, Black & White Overnight, for the panda lovers, and Spooky Sleepover, offered around Halloween time.

Average cost per person is $139, depending on the age or theme. You also must be a member of the San Diego Zoo. The sleepover begins at 4 a.m. and ends 9 a.m. the next day. With the sleepover you also get a tent to sleep in, a goodie bag, dinner, snacks and breakfast! To find out when each sleepover is offered, visit their website here.

If you crave an environment that resembles that of an African safari, the Zoo Safari Park also holds special sleepover events called Roar & Snore that are sorted by age. For adults only, they’ll take you on a hike around the park and answer certain questions about animals, for adult ears only. Other sleepovers are targeted towards special groups like Girl Scouts and students!

When I was a Girl Scout, we attended the Roar & Snore Girl Scout sleepover with our troop, our mothers and our troop leaders. We were shown what the animals really did when humans weren’t watching, went on a fun walk around the park, enjoyed a campfire where the park rangers told us fun facts about the animals, and got to wake up to the sight of animals enjoying their habitats in the morning.Lion

Roar & Snores cost on average per person $140 depending on age and tent option. Each sleepover is from 4:15 PM to 9:30 PM the next day. Food is provided and dates of the sleepovers are available here.

If you want to get the backstage pass to how the animals really live, a sleepover at the San Diego Zoo or the Zoo Safari Park is a must.

Have you ever had the pleasure of sleeping at one of these wild locations? Do you think it’s in the cards for your summer? Leave a comment below.

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